Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Herrera fall out: I'm told she is not going to be attending the fundraiser the invitation indicates she would be attending.

I have heard from a source inside the local GOP that Jaime Herrera will not be attending the fundraiser listed in the invitation below.

It's just the tiniest bit strange that, no one in her office or otherwise connected to her could have contacted me, instead, acting kind of like I don't exist: it's not like I'm the hardest guy to get in touch with.  It's also kind of bizzare that an invitation indicating her presence would go out after the birth of her child and her attendant problems.would indicate that, in fact, Jaime WAS going to be there.

In the interests of full disclosure, however, I believe the source enough to take it as an article of faith that it's true, that Rep. Cantor is going to fly across the country to a house that he's never been in to meet a bunch of people he does not know to get checks for Jaime.

Sounds about right, doesn't it?  So, to all those wondering, here you go.  You now know everything I know.

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