Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's a fringe-left nutter to do? Mike Briggs apparently doesn't know.

So, I was checking out some of the comments on a facebook post by Brent Boger and the two usual suspects showed up to whine because, of all things, Liz Pike is smart enough to disagree with them.

One of them, a particularly politically cowardly species, Mike Briggs, wants to be somebody so he's making all these moves like he's going to run for office next year... likely legislative.

There are few leftists possessed of his massive ego and arrogance; in fact, the obvious comparison would be with Jim "Molehill" Moeller, who could, actually, have given Mussolini lessons on ego and arrogance.

Mikey has a wide variety of problems politically, not the least of which is his complete inability to understand the difference between "winning," and "losing."

For whatever the reason, Mikey thinks (Or should I say, "believes," since "thinking" isn't one of his strong suits) that his representatives should ignore the will of the majority of their districts and just do what he wants.  And how weird is that?

Another one of Mikey's issues are his situational, left-gets-a-pass ethics:
Mike Briggs I think you are way off there AJ- Liz does not work with ALL the citizens. She is decidedly partisan and does not work with anyone she does not agree with. I know this first hand.
And Briggs, a political wannabe who routinely blocks those on facebook wise enough to disagree with him, DOES?

One of the problems with being a thin-skinned punk is that he TALKS a great game... but he doesn't play it.

Hypocrisy really isn't a good platform plank, Mikey.  Because anyone who knows me knows that if, God-forbid, Briggs were ever elected to even dog catcher, the little slimeball would not only NOT "work" with me, he would completely ignore me or anyone he "disagreed with," he'd cut them off and totally ignore them.

And then THIS beaut:
  • Mike Briggs Ok, I guess Roger was merely thinking out loud...And Dianna, true Representatives are leaders and do not destroy. They meet in the middle, hammer it all out, arrive at a mutually agreed decision and move forward. 'Always moving forward.
The lie in all this is obvious:

Briggs is a CRCophile.  A RABID supporter of the biggest rip off in the history of this corner of the country.

One wonders: what efforts have his leftist buddies made to "meet in the middle?"  What compromise have they offered concerning any of that?

None, of course.

Where's this sniveling punk's complaint about HIS side failing to "move to the middle," as if his ilk was anywhere NEAR the center?

No where.

And that's the most despicable thing of all: the all-too-typical fringe-left situational ethics.

Then this bit of idiocy:
Mike Briggs Dianna, I know it's easy to make comparisons between our federal government and the State but I try not to do this. Too many people drag the federal problems into our State and it only muddies the water. But I do see how easy it is to make the comparison.
Naturally, he offers up precisely zero examples of that fallacy, but then, that's Briggs.
Politics acts like a pendulum. Right now it has taken a hard swing to the extreme right side in Clark County but I believe it has reached its zenith and will begin coming back the other way soon.
Again, he offers nothing to illustrate this fallacy, confusing the mainstream interests of a population sick to death of being taxed and fee'd for nothing that makes any sense and voting accordingly as if it were some sort of "phase" we'd grow out of.
Clark County lags the National scene.
Again, no proof, just another leftist talking point.

Does anyone know of a mass-exodus from Clark County?  Is our population growing... or shrinking?

If this county "lags the National scene," then why do people continue to pour in here?  It can't be both ways, can it?  Somehow we're "backwards," but people move here every year by the thousands... I guess, if Mikey is right (and he, of course, isn't) it would be the other way around...

Wouldn't it?
With the advent of the Tea Party movement it threw "the status quo" into a frazzle. While I am not necessarily against this...every closet needs to be cleaned out once in awhile, I was against the mode of, "NO". And what happens is that both sides become angry, resentful and retreat to their corners.
Like Mikey "retreats" to his?
This is what has occurred in Clark County and the State. Both sides are no longer talking constructively. They are polarized. This is not good. This is what I want to see change.
This slimeball doesn't talk constructively.  In fact, this hypocrite continues to ignore people who disagree with him, believing that HIS judgement is superior to theirs and then complaining when he is ignored.

"This is what I want to see change" is code speak for "this is my platform that I'm going to use when I get crushed in any election I'm in."

Both Liz Pike and Ann Rivers received 60%+ of the last vote, and will receive even higher numbers in the next elections they're in.  This county is sickened by the Briggs of the world, they're sickened by arrogance on the part of our leaders who believe they're endowed by the right to ignore their constituency, and when those who ignore us get clobbered in an election... why, the Mikeys of the world blame the T-Party.

Nothing about the positions of those who get clobbered, just leftist talking points and excuses.

The left is going to be running some more speed bumps in the 18th in the next election.  I know of at least one Republican who is going to take Brandon Vick on and hopefully, out.

But the rest of the country is being buried in debt, taxes and war while the Briggs of the country make excuses if they address the issues at all.

Good luck Mikey.  I am so going to enjoy "Russelling" you.

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