Monday, August 26, 2013

Tim "The Liar" Leave-it doesn't want to hear anything he doesn't agree with.

Interesting article in the democratian today, misleading title and all.
Officials learn new rules for chat on social media

Constituent communications becomes easier, more perilous, online

I started reading it because I believed, based on the title, that the state ethics board or the PDC had weighed in.

I was wrong: it actually addressed the issue of the immediacy of it more than anything: no new rules of any kind were actually mentioned: the rules are the same for social media now as they were, say, two years ago.

That said, it mentions various elected officials and their take on social media.

Starting with Sean "Fake Cop" Guard, buffoonish mayor of Washougal who is running against a real fire captain for re-election, who's ignorance extends to facebook: 
“I am one of the most computer illiterate people around,” Guard said. “I don’t think I know how to change my photo on Facebook.”
If he doesn't know, it's because he doesn't want to know.... His illiteracy extends to common sense and arrogance as well, of course: if the guy he's running against runs a campaign, then Guard will lose... although, if his opponent, Earl Scott, is running a campaign, it's invisible.

Next up was Brent Boger.  Brent is an interesting guy that I've known and worked with in the past several years....  over 10, certainly, and back to the Cindy Phelps coup d'├ętat days of  reorg, 2000.

I've had disagreements with Brent and will likely have many more in the future because his brand of Republicanism isn't what I believe Republicanism should be. 

Brent left the GOP over the Boldt debacle. And that's fine: I left it because they've lost touch with reality and compromise on principle with the ease of a surfer catching a wave.

Yes, I get that Boger burned shoe leather for Scott Walker.  Correspondingly, I had done more to get Republican conservatives elected before 9 a.m. then Brent typically does in a month.  Further, not everyone has the financial resources of an attorney to be able to polish their cred by spending a few days in Wisconsin on the issue du jour.

Brent's now famous observation concerning, for example, Marc Boldt comes to mind:
"The way the whole Boldt thing was handled was poor," Boger said. "I don't think they really understood that Boldt has obligations outside of his Republican Party lines. His obligations are to the citizens of the county, and that's far more important."
Kicking Boldt out of the party was in no way in conflict with his "obligations to the citizens of the county."  Boldt's "obligation" was to support the Freeholder election he helped to kill in 2011 because the democrats hated it, and because he claimed he hadn't ever bothered to read or otherwise become knowledgeable about the GOP platform... as was his obligation to join with Tom Mielke in doing all he could to kill the CRC Scam instead of bending the county over for the special interests who owned him like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.

Our political disagreements notwithstanding, Brent does allow for divergent views and is willing to engage pretty much all comers, unlike the scumbag, lying little worm that's the soon-to-be-former mayor of Vancouver.

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt doesn't allow comments he doesn't like.  Not unlike his efforts to censor comments in the city council (How 3rd Reichish) the scumbag mayor of Vancouver doesn't allow people who disagree with him to have any voice.
Like many politicians, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt (3,174 Facebook friends) exercises control over his Facebook feed. He locks it down to prevent people from posting disagreeable content.
He calls it “filtering out the nonsense.”
That's right.  Because when the scumbag sees you disagreeing with him, he thinks it's "nonsense."  The gutless little worm does not tolerate opposing points of view, and lacks both the guts and the intelligence to engage the myriad opponents to his arrogant, Mussolini-like positions and rants.

I don't listen to this lying worm, because, like his hero Obama, he IS a lying worm.  So why bother?
In the end, there are no "new rules."  Public officials with guts take on all comers who aren't high on drugs or mental.  Cowards, like Leavitt, do not.

Never vote for a coward (Leavitt) or an ego-maniacal whack job (Guard.)
Just sayin'.


Lew Waters said...

Left out of their column is Jim 'sue your constituents to invalidate their votes' Moeller, Democrat/Communist Portland over Vancouver legislator in the 49th Legislative District.

He too boasts of blocking a constituent who was beating him up in the Lazy C comment section, but never commented directly on his facebook page.

Like Leave-it, they are cowards.

PNW Patriot said...

Nice piece.

Just a guy said...

No Martin, there's no hypocrisy here. On my post regarding how moronic the GOP was getting in their efforts to engage in false political expediency, you wrote:

I am NOT the Nation's policeman. You're solution is for CITIZEN'S to go to jail. CITIZEN'S to enforce the law. CITIZEN'S to be held responsible for illegal immigrants. Dude, if YOU want to take your gun, get in your truck, and drive down to patrol the border - go for it. Don't be puttin' it on my back. And quit just talking! If YOU want to be responsible: get your damn cache of guns, find all your gun friends, and go hunt down and kill illegals. I'm tired of hearin' you bitch.

I responded:

Then stop fucking reading my stuff. Unlike you, Martin, I fucking pre-paid my right to bitch by bolting on this nation's uniform for 14 fucking years.

I offer solutions. You offer whining about hearing how to deal with this situation and NOTHING else. These people ARE BREAKING THE GODDAMNED LAW. PERIOD. YOU and the others on the left want to reward that. FUCK no. Giving in to the criminals may be YOUR solution, but it ain't EVER going to be mine.

YOU don't HAVE to do ANYTHING. You can keep living under the umbrella of freedom that I and millions of others have provided while you spend your money. I am talking about SOLUTIONS.

This IS a problem, and it AIN'T gonna fix itself. Seriously.

Stop reading me. Stop commenting. I'll stop posting them. Then your problem disappears.

No one tells me what or how to write. You pitched one too many bitches about it, and you know how I hate to upset you.

Further, I'm not elected to anything and there's absolutely nothing public about this blog.

That asshole Leavitt is ELECTED. He is SUPPOSED to listen to ALL perspectives, not cavalierly dismiss the ones that don't fit his meme.

Stop reading this blog and stop commenting, Martin. It'll lower your blood pressure and save me the minor trouble of moving your comments to the spam file.