Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Uh, oh... looks like I upset Carolyn Crain!

So, as the sting sets in and the carefully laid plans of the RINO contingent to take over the local GOP gets blown to pieces, this is the kind of reaction it's generating.
Subject:  Just in case you hadn't seen this 
I was amazed to receive this email below regarding ME! I know KJ Hinton has been writing trash about me, Paul Harris, Ann Rivers, Jaime Herrera, Shane Bowman, Jennifer McDaniel, Brent Boger, Jeanne Stewart, Julie Olson, Lynda Wilson, and Marc Boldt. Obviously being a Republican is a dilemma for the board so they have resorted to having KJ write their trash and he is paid  to do it! Now he has lied and added more as I am hearing him trashing Kathy McDonald... what is next?
Having already proven herself to be both a liar AND a hypocrite, Crain is reduced to claiming that I am getting PAID to write my perspectives.  Not hard to see the leftist Jimmy Mains/Chuckie Green influence here.

While it SHOULD go without saying after all these years... NO ONE PAYS ME ANYTHING TO WRITE ANYTHING ON MY BLOG.

Also of note is this: I supposedly "lied" about McDonald... yet Crain fails to indicate HOW I lied: what did I write that wasn't true?  Is writing the truth really "trashing" someone?

I get that the very idea that someone who can figure out what is going on and then object to it is simply beyond Crain's retarded ability to understand when it conflicts with her RINO agenda.

In Crain's world, telling the truth and providing facts represents "trashing."  Well, if any candidate or even candidate supporter disagrees with anything I've written, they can certainly write a rejoinder which I will publish unedited.

And those reading this will note that she made absolutely ZERO effort to point out where ANYTHING I wrote was wrong, incomplete or exaggerated.

And that, frankly, is because there is nothing in that regard she CAN say.

Here's the reality: that a hypocrite like Crain wants these 4 people elected to ANYTHING is, by itself, reason enough to vote against them.

Frankly, I expected better from Mattilla.  He would be best served if he told her to go pound sand since she's radioactive.

But here's the thing: We all know exactly and precisely what Crain has done and is attempting to do to the party.  The lies (such as her bogus claim that I'm getting paid for this) her fake named organization that worked so hard to get my Young Democrat-endorsed whack job brother-in-law elected... her efforts and disruption here and her willingness to attack anyone wise enough to oppose her aims... those all speak for themselves... as does her endorsement of Chuck Green, democrat, in the councilor election against Julie Olson and her subsequent job as an admin on the C3G2 hate site.  This hissy fit all started when the party refused to endorse her over Lisa Ross.... and all this whining, sniveling and back-stabbing is the result..

Everything after that is a caricature of "hell having no fury like a woman scorned."
Apparently David Madore has resorted to posting trash on Facebook about me and it is filled with LIES!
Haven't read it.  Don't really need to.  But what was it Crain wrote a few weeks back?

I do not know who wrote it but the fact that David Madore posted these lies is atrocious. Please stop and think for a second.
So.  It's OK for CRAIN to post lies, but not for anyone else?

Tsk, tsk.  No double standard THERE, eh?

By all means.  Stop and think.  And do it for even MORE than "a second."

Feel free to dig down... deep.  Don't take my word for any of this.  But correspondingly, don't take anyone else's word for it, either.  Do your own research.  Go below the surface.  Review the history of this woman and her efforts and what she's accomplished (A miserable failure as a candidate) and what she wants to do now... and with whom.
Who voted and spent money as a board in violation of our county party bylaws to fund candidates they were running against other Republican Candidates this year?
I'll byte.  Who?

Who set up a fake GOP organization to support a leftist like Marc Boldt?

That was you, wasn't it Carolyn?


Who spent Republican donations to campaign for LIBERTARIAN candidates when a good Republican was on the ballot in 2014?
You mean like you people supported the democrats instead of a "good Republican" in the county chair race?

Who tried to bring forward 5 amendments which were in complete conflict with our own constitution last year?
You got me.

Who's trying to bring bogus amendments to the bylaws forward that are in complete conflict with being a conservative NOW?

Who voted to NOT endorse Republicans this year?
Who worked to get a self-admitted NON-Republican elected to the county chair position LAST year?

The current party leadership!
Why, that would be CAROLYN CRAIN!


Realize how important this vote is... your attendance at this one meeting is critical to this 3 year effort.
Critical to WHO, Crain?  YOU?

Just because you've been wasting your time and effort while you do your best to damage the party, you think anyone else should?

They even intend to try to unseat Susan Hutchison with Christian Berrigan and need Katja Delavar and Joe Wagner and David Gellatly to do it. Those three votes on the WSRP board matter! Please help by attending and voting!
Wow, Crain.  When did Hutchinson start to pay YOU?

What's wrong with running against Hutchinson?  You sound the same as you did when Ross ran against... and defeated... YOU!


Please recognize the truth and vote for the 6 amendments we bring forth, vote against the vetting amendment.
By all means, recognize the truth.  Crain can't.  So, someone's got to do it for her.

The vetting amendment is vital to keep fake Republicans from getting party support.  Those like Crain, Boger, Blom and that ilk who would be much better off running as they are: democrats... 

 and vote for the following candidates which will return sanity to our county party:
 Melanie Wheeler for Secretary
Joseph DelliGatti for Treasurer
Kathy McDonald for state committeewoman
Joel Mattila for state committeeman

And that's a shame.  Some, like McDonald, obviously have no place in GOP leadership.  DellGatti is nothing more than a Crain sock puppet.

Clearly, if Crain supports these people, they shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator.

The chair and vice-chair to follow!
Holding it close to the vest to reduce the amount of truth-time, eh?
While writing this there have been 4 more nasty emails sent out to people.
Like the one you sent out, here?
 Please stand up for Republicans in this county!
By voting against anything Crain wants or any candidate she supports.


Carolyn Crain

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