Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More on McDonald.

Not surprisingly, Kathy McDonald is a co-founder of a women-only political group, "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle."

Besides being a discriminatory, extra-partisan group that includes Charter Scammer Betty Sue Morris, this group also supported the CRC Scam that the people overwhelmingly opposed:

The money quote:
The group supports candidates of any party who see the importance of economic development for the region, including the Columbia River Crossing project, Schauer said.
Not particularly Republican, that.  But very much particularly Republican in name only.

 And taking it a step further, McDonald was also the treasurer for the Dump Madore PAC owned and operated by democrat David Nierenberg and the scam PAC's email contact.

Contact Information
Address - 1605 NW 65TH STREET
State - WA
Zip - 98663
Phone - 360-607-8959

And how Republican is that?  Do you really want a state committee woman who claims to be a "conservative" who worked for a price to get rid of one of the conservative pivotal figures in killing the CRC Scam, a scam she obviously supported, representing the GOP at the state level?  Only to replace him with an arrogant, inexperienced RINO punk who is going to vote to screw us as much as the other leftist Stooges on the council?

And, of course, as far back as 2005, McDonald was pro-tax increase, telling the Columbian: 
"I'm not anti-tax," said McDonald. "I'm a fiscal conservative. And I'm also a mom with four kids. I make them ride the bus."

McDonald said changes to the ballot proposal were made by C-Tran after feedback on the November defeat and show[sic] a commitment to listen to the public. "You have to have a good transit system for healthy economic development," she said. 
Columbian, The (Vancouver, WA) - June 22, 2005
How can she be anti-tax, considering how much money she's made from her efforts to jack our taxes up?

These things matter.  A pro-tax political mercenary who claims to be a Republican but who appears, when looking at the paper-trail, that she'll work for and with anyone if the price is right.
Memo to Ann Donnelly:  It takes a great deal more than YOUR say-so to convince anyone with a record like this that she's a conservative.

If you actually believe that (which I doubt, for some reason) then you have a very strange definition of the term.

To the PCO's in this meeting, I say this: vote for whomever you like.  But don't vote based on packaging or who endorses who.

Check the record, think for yourself, be aware and vote accordingly.  But do not be fooled: my Spaniels have more of a record of conservatism than McDonald.

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