Saturday, November 23, 2013

In addition to his hypocrisy and Madore jihad, Lefty Lou suffers from rank narcissism.

In an abortion of the local newspaper, few issues have been more rank than Brancaccio's jihad against David Madore.

That effort has been just one of the many issues confronting this community that the scumbag editor of that the "you name your" STD daily that infests our community is possessed of.

The idea that this scumbag thinks his newspaper was in any way responsible for the outcome of this election goes to Brancaccio's narcissistic view of the world.

Look, I admit that if he were on fire, I wouldn't piss on him to put him out.  But that's because he's been a liar and a bully running a paper of liars and bullies, and he has damaged and divided this community with a campaign of lies, deceit and deliberate falsity as the Chief CRC Pimp among many other issues.

Further, his failure to EVER use balance in his political coverage, confining his rabid attacks only and against those wise enough to oppose his garbage to those on the political right... and those who are smart enough to see through his years of lies, distortions and exaggerations.

It's unfortunate that we have a man who runs what could be a balanced and factual news organization that is pure, unadulterated leftist scum.

The slimeball that is Lefty Lou presents supposition as fact, and hides behind the concept that he can be as leftist, as false, as leftist as he wants to be... that he can use anyone as a pinata that he so desires, as much as he desires, because the concepts of truth and fairness don't HAVE to apply in his column of his "opinion."

That's why the scumbag maintains two "blogs" concerning politics on the website of his cancerous rag... so the scum working for him, like Stephony Rice, for example, can abandon journalistic tenets whenever they feel like it... they can babble utter falsity and lie about people all they want under the guise of a "blog" as if that somehow protects them from the requirement that they print the truth.

Today, Lefty Lou's column details the utter disdain and contempt that Councilor Jeanne Stewart, who has done more for this city in a single day than the scumbag editor of this carbuncle on our community has accomplished in his entire sorry, worthless life.

Lefty, being one of those scumbags that enjoys pulling the wings off of flies kinda guys, felt compelled to, once again, use his column to lie about this election, lie about David Madore and, of course, lie about Jeannie Stewart.

Few are more impressed with our resident scumbag editor than he himself.  But if that wart on a pig's ass that he runs had half the throw-weight he deludes himself into believing it does, then our local elected officials would be called Senator Tim Probst, Commissioner Marc Boldt, Commissioner Joe Tanner and  Rep. Adrian Cortes.

But they're not.

Brancaccio has deluded himself into believing that fringe-leftist nutters who have elected fringe leftist nutters like Molehill, Cleveland and Wylie,  would somehow elect fringe-left nutters regardless of either his efforts or the very existence of David Madore is one of the many bizarre, nonsensical positions that scull maintains.

But this continues to be the platform and the effort that this slimeball is going to attempt to use to sway the outcome of future elections.

Oppose any part of the moronic democratian agenda, and this slime-bucket will beat you over the head with David Madore... even if, rhetorically speaking, you'd never heard of him.

I watched the video of that slimy snake sitting in the front row of the last lynch mob with his silly-assed mug, which isn't worth taking a healthy dump in... helping Slimeball Stuart run the latest lynch mob that he'd whipped up as if those leftists, union scum and CRC cronies represented anything close to a cross-section of the community instead of just another herd of leftist sheeple that he can whistle up at a moment's notice.

Stewart is wise enough to despise our scumbag editor and everything he stands for, just like our scumbag editor despises Stewart, his lies to the contrary notwithstanding.  His claim that he "likes Stewart" and that she was "an important voice in opposition at the council" is a proven lie by virtue of his rabid efforts to elect only those in lockstep with the democratian's agenda.

The lie, for example, that Madore was toxic in the last election... the lie that she was going to run against The Liar until Lefty began his serial trashing of Madore... she lost for her city council seat... how could Madore have been any more "toxic" for that than a mayoral run, save for the scumbag editor's efforts to beat her to death with him?

That Brancaccio's cowardice makes him lie this way, in the face of the bizarre Topper endorsement when Stewart's "important voice in opposition" was never supported by this very scumwad, is just another symptom of his psychosis.

The only criticism that I have for her is that she didn't rely on Temple Lentz's poignant response to the slimeball running the show at the democratian when she so adroitly told him... in writing... to go fuck himself.

While Jeannie Stewart has more class in her little finger than the entirety of the scum infesting the democratian, I wish she had, just once, given in to the temptation.

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Lew Waters said...

We've moved from the politics of personal destruction to journalism of personal destruction.

What possible reason could Lefty have for going after Jeanne E Stewart like he did today?

A real piece of shit