Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A map of the people Slimeball Stuart does not represent and that Mussolini Mike doesn't care about..

Slimeball Stuart has made his position clear... on video:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
As most readers know by now, Slimeball's position was crushed at the ballot box.  Here's the precinct map that shoes the countywide destruction of Slimeball's favorite issue: loot rail and the CRC Scam that goes with it:

The small red area were the five precincts foolish enough to vote for this idiocy.

That means that every other precinct in every other location voted "no" to loot rail.

Commissioner David Madore's take:

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New Clark County maps reveal dramatic election results.

Our very capable GIS (Geographic Information System) team hit a home run in providing a graphical representation of our County’s Advisory votes. Click on each of the ballot measures to see the outcome.

It turns out that nearly the whole county voted against Light Rail, voted against Bus Rapid Transit, and voted for a new toll-free East County Bridge at 192nd Avenue. It doesn’t get much more dramatic than this.
As soon as the results are certified, we will put the winning resolutions on the agenda and do exactly what we said we would do, respect and honor the vote of the people. The people have spoken. It is our job to listen and respond. We work for you!
That the scum shilling the CRC Scam don't care about this outcome shows their view of  who, exactly, works for who.

They believe we work for them.

We don't.

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