Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When your president is a psychotic liar: 80 million to lose employer insurance coverage.

I have to admit that I hope... sincerely... that every insured moron who voted for that complete, lying, scumbag in the White House loses THEIR insurance.

I honestly do.

People like me have been hammering this lying son of a bitch as much as I hammered on The Liar Leave-it's lies during his first campaign... turns out I was 2 and Oh on that... both are lying scum who should be in prison... both are totally corrupt cowards... and if both vaporized off the face of the planet at this point, they wouldn't be missed.

SHOCK: 80 million could lose employer coverage under Obamacare...

Equally idiotic was the scumbag-in-chief caving to Iran and shoveling out billions of dollars as the fee for his effort mto sell out Israel.

I can already visualize the "sorry-about-that" press conference when Iran gets around to nuking Tel Aviv.  Mossad elements might take a different view and it could get messy.

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