Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When Boeing leaves: a GOP opportunity that will likely be missed.

Recently, the state GOP saddled themselves with a RINO Chair (Susan Hutchinson) who got her panties in a bunch because when she ran for the gig, she apparently didn't understand what the phrase "salary range" meant, or that the "Legion of Choom" executive board did not, apparently, support her candidacy... and thus, she got the low end of the scale ($75,000) instead of what the chair she was replacing, local conservative icon Kirby Wilbur received ($95,000) which naturally led to that idiot trotting out the "War on Women" meme as some sort of a justification for getting a $20K bump instead of charging ahead and doing something WORTHY of a pay raise... 

...has been handed a golden opportunity to stick it to the democrats who allowed this series of debacles to happen.

Our obviously brain-damaged governor is the gift that keeps on giving.  He makes Obama look brilliant, and that guy can even operate a urinal.

The question?

Has the GOP noticed?

Will they do anything with this?

If so... what?

I have no faith in the GOP organization at any level.  Here, locally, they were all talk and no action in the Vancouver Soviet's city council races... another opportunity lost, particularly after all that talk about how THIS local regime can do it so much better than the LAST regime.

This guy lays it out.  Take a read.
Governor Inslee – political Idiot - *Governor Inslee tends to speak in sound bites.* *His statements do not need to make sense.*  We wrote, earlier this year that our newly anointed Governo...

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