Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Reflector is now the Clark County Democrat Newsletter North.

I used to respect the Reflector for the most part.  I occasionally opposed the utter cluelessness of Marvin Case's devotion to the Cowlitz Casino Scam, for example, but typically, the positions were well-researched and well thought out.

And then, I read today's abortion from Ken Vance.

There is a problem when ignorance is given a position of authority in mass communication.  A big problem.  And the latest local example is Ken Vance.

I have just finished reading his column where he illustrates his complete lack of knowledge as to what happened and more importantly, how it happened.  I appreciate that he at least acknowledges his lack of information and knowledge concerning the issues, then goes on to show a frightening naiveté about the very issue he condemns, mouthing the politically motivated talking points of the fringe left as if they were paying him.

Here is the thing, Ken:  You are right: you were not there.  You also have no intimate knowledge of county HR policies, and you show a frightening lack of political understanding on both what happened and how.  But before I go any further, let me quote the newspaper that you now find yourself in lockstep with as you join their campaign to get rid of the conservative control of the county commission.

On one of the VERY FIRST STORIES in the jihad they ran, even the Columbian indicated that what happened DID NOT circumvent or violate hiring policies:
However, the county provides a few exceptions to the requirement that job positions be publicly advertised, and says elected officials have the discretion to appoint department heads.
Are you aware of this once-stated in the Democratian's anti-Madore jihad of some 60 stories and columns that say, essentially, the same thing... over and over and over?

If not... why not?

Do you remotely begin to understand the phrase "have the discretion to appoint department heads?"

ENGLISH... DO YOU SPEAK IT???  (With apologies and some minor editing to the movie Pulp Fiction.)

So, when YOU, Mr. Vance, quote the lie (and it is a lie if the Columbian’s observation is true) from the county’s “former chief diversity and inclusion officer” said that they “’100 percent circumvented our process’ when they appointed Benton” in the face of the paragraph above… when you look at the totality of the leftist opposition that you’ve now joined, and then say, well, even if it was legal, it was still wrong?

You’re building up a straw man and then beating the hell out of them by condemning Commissioners Madore and Mielke for something they did not do (Violate policies) and then telling us that you’ll stick by your condemnation, even when they’re legally exonerated.  Vance tells us:
Madore and Mielke have repeatedly said they have done nothing wrong. I guess that will ultimately be decided, one way or another. But, is that really the litmus test for a politician? Would Madore and Mielke be validated if a judge or ruling body later determines they didn’t commit the violations Strong and Largent claim they did? I don’t think so. I hope we all expect more from our elected officials.
That sort of tripe is right out of the Brancaccio playbook.

In your world, Ken, even when (And it's WHEN, not IF) those in authority come back with exoneration of this issue... and they will (Ken, have you yet to stop and wonder why there is no recall effort underway?  Could it be that it's because those coming after Madore and Mielke know damned well they're no where close to meeting the hurdle of proving illegality required to get a judge to sign off on such an effort?) you STILL will condemn them?  Are you kidding me?

Have you lost your senses?  You tell us they claim they haven't done anything wrong, and then tell us, even though it might be true that they have done anything wrong, it's still wrong?

If they haven't done anything wrong, then what other litmus test do you want?  What else is there besides "right" and "wrong?"

That you don't LIKE what they've done is nothing but your opinion.  And your opinion is no better than anyone elses.  The difference is that you have a responsibility to the readership.  Clearly, you have failed in that responsibility on this issue.

That's Brancaccian logic at it's best.

Here’s the thing, Ken: besides violating any journalistic tenet of fairness (Again, precisely what the Columbian does… and you are supposed to be better than that) you have shown your true colors by failing to do research, failing to understand or acknowledge the political motivations of those whining the loudest, failing to discuss this issue with either Commissioner in question and failing to come to the conclusion, which is as obvious as the nose on your face… That if, for example, they had hired, say, Jim Moeller, who isn’t even qualified to be in public office, let alone hold this position… you wouldn’t have heard a peep out of any of the scum pounding Benton and the Conservative Commissioners.

If we needed a “Columbian North,” I am sure we would ask for one.  And the fact that you never bothered to call either of the commissioners you are so roundly condemning?

Clearly, at one time or another, you worked for the Columbian.  Because failing to allow those in your cross-hairs to respond?  That is how THEY roll… and it is just as despicable for you to do it then it is when they do it.

The entirety of this scam is based not on the hiring of Benton... which may or may not turn out to have a great outcome for us all.

It is, instead, based entirely on Lefty Lou Brancaccio's institutional hatred of Benton and Madore because locally, they've been among those with the highest profile dedicated to stopping the Columbian's agenda of ramming this multi-billion dollar waste of money down our collective throats in the name of loot rail.

Time, of course, WILL tell.  And for all of your with the poisoned mind set of Mr. Vance, I've got to ask you: what are you going to do or say if Benton does an exceptional job as ES Director?  What would it take for you to back off?

We all know the answer to that: nothing.  There's nothing Benton, nor Madore nor Mielke can do to get the haters to admit that they were wrong and that Mielke and Madore were right.  Benton could do the job like he invented environmental services and it wouldn't make any difference to the ignorant, the malleable, the leftist sheeple like Lefty Lou and now Ken Vance who hate this hiring for the sake of hating it because it fits in with their personal political meme.

And there's no possible way it could ever be rehabilitated in the minds of those who refuse to give this situation a chance, or who bask in their ignorance of what actually happened, the authorship of the policies (all democrats, BTW, policies that have been in place for years) in question or the ultimate outcome of the hiring in question, which is success for the department or failure.

If, ultimately, the ES Department becomes a disaster, or drops to the level it was before Benton's hiring, then I will personally lead the charge to get rid of him.  But here we are, 5 months or so down the road, and that doesn't seem to be happening.  And what if it doesn't happen?

What if Madore and Mielke made the right choice?  And why isn't that possibility even addressed?

Ken, you've shown a frightening level of ignorance and political gullibility.  I expected better from you.  You are certainly no Marvin Case.

So, in that vein, the recent actions of area newspapers – and in this case, that means you, Ken Vance of the Reflector – have left me disgusted, disheartened and demoralized.

Perhaps you should stick with high school sports.  Because clearly, this situation is far over your head.

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