Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Herrera using veterans with her fake lie: "Jaime Supports Veterans"

So, I got another waste of taxpayer dollars from the empty-suited idiot representing us in Congress.

Let me be clear here:  Jaime Herrera has done absolutely nothing for veterans.

Let me repeat that:

Jaime Herrera has done absolutely nothing for veterans.

Part of the reason I oppose this moron is this statement she made to me back in 07.  It's the kind of thing that just sticks with a guy:

Back when Marc Boldt and Cathy McMorris were ramming her down our collective throats as the appointment to replace Richard Curtis, I asked her about her 11 year absence from the area.  She responded that it was "just like being in the military."

That's the kind of thing that makes my head explode... and that proves there's nothing the Camas Manikin won't say to get... and stay... elected... it's like she's a female version of Tim "The Liar" Leave-it.  And this lying turd of a mailer... where she actually... and falsely... tries to get people to believe that she actually "stands with our veterans?"

That's like her press releases that indicate she's "concerned" about the CRC rip off.

She hasn't DONE anything about the CRC Scam, you understand... but she's CONCERNED about it... as if, for example, her "concern" is enough.

Well, her non-existent "support" of veterans is just that.  And her "concern," without her "action," has made zero difference... precisely like her inaction on the CRC Scam.

She tells us she "voted for," or "supported," or "co-sponsored" a particularly worthless bill that accomplishes dick (HR 1796) 

She goes on to lie about HER PERSONAL EFFORTS to reduce the VA Backlog...because an appropriations bill she had nothing to do with took another ineffective swipe at the problem which is just as bad now as it was when her worthless carcass was elected to Congress.

She went on to lie about rural medical services, citing veterans having to drive 50 miles to get prescriptions filled, apparently never having heard about the VA's prescription by mail service... again showing her ignorance as to VA related issues and systems.

She also tries to get people to believe that "co-sponsoring" legislation, again about something she knows nothing about (Specifically, the sexual assault issues within the military) is really... hard... work, or deserving of some sort of medal.

It ain't.

In the past, Ridgefield Barbie has taken votes that not only don't "support" Veterans or the Military; she has instead taken votes that actually HURT the troops.. and veterans.

Clearly, this vacuous nonsense is but another reason to despise the Camas Manikin.

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