Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Slimeball Stuart sinks to new depths of scummery.

We already know that Stuart doesn't give a rat's ass what his constituents want, need or say: he laid it all out in his infamous "screw you" video:

Now, he's tending to act like he's seriously addicted to drugs or some such nonsense:
While Stuart spent most of the two hours debating the merits and accuracy of the document, he eventually recognized his labors were fruitless, as the document is nonbinding.
"Pass it, don't pass it, it will have no effect," Stuart said, visibly irritated by the scenario. "This is a waste of everyone's time and resources."
If he was "visibly irritated" and called it a "waste of time" and so forth... then why did it bother him?

But this is the best part of Slimeball's self-delusion:
At one point, Stuart queried if Mielke had read every piece of the resolution and its references. Mielke said he had not, which prompted Stuart to compare the situation to the flak he has recently taken for not having a finalized contract in front of him before voting on the C-Tran matter that prompted the resolution.
Sure, because a non-binding resolution (at least to him) has the EXACT same impact as putting the people of this county on the hook for millions of dollars while ceding eminent domain rights to an unelected, out of state agency; all in the name of giving his pet project... a project that has been completely rejected by the people of this county... an act of, well oral sex... not to mention the amount of time devoted to this single resolution and the amount of public scrutiny this resolution has received, unlike the scam rammed down the throats of the people of this county because Slimeball didn't care WHAT we thought: he says as much in the video.

For the fringe-leftists, like Slimeball, moral relativism is what's for dinner.

Fringe-left nutters like Slimeball are always irritated when representatives of the people... of which he is not... get in the way of their efforts to screw us.

And the irony of it?

He doesn't know the half of it.

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