Friday, November 22, 2013

Stunning revolation: Betty Sue Morris never bothered to read any CTran contract either!

On fringe-leftist Ron Goodman's "Gee I hate Benton and Madore" facebook page, someone asked the question:
Can anyone comment on the C-Tran Board's haste to approve the LRT contract without actually looking at the final product, which I gather was changed right up to the last minute before the actual vote to approve LRT? Its not that I'm unhappy with the vote, or the contract itself. It just gives the appearance that C-Tran is railroading through LRT without public input or a full review - which is NOT good government.
As (I believe?) Ron, Debbie, and others here have noted, its not just M&M we need to keep an eye on when it comes to looking at good governing practices. I hate to point this out, but those who oppose the misdirection and malfeasance of M&M who are themselves members of other governing agencies in the County NEED to ensure their own i's are dotted and t's crossed - to not do so just gives our opponents fuel.
There were the usual leftist whack job "we support them no matter how much they screw us" responses... and then democrat former Commissioner Betty Sue Morris jumped in with an astounding confession:

She hadn't ever bothered to read the contracts the CTran Board signed, either.

In fact, she seems proud of that misfeasance.
  • Betty Sue Morris During my years on the C-tran Board (12 of them) I don't ever remember seeing an actual contract, nor reading one. The directors (after Les White) always fully explained their provisions and gave us an outline of what it said. This one did move a little faster than most, but the board had g
  • Betty Sue Morris Given direction to Hamm earlier in the month to negotiate the contract with Tri-met and bring it back as quickly as possible. The late Sept board meeting was publically noticed appropriately and it's singular purpose was to give the Executive Director authority to sign the contract. Frankly, had I been on the board for that meeting, I would have been expecting going in to be asked to vote. I have no idea why Bill Ganley said in this morning's paper that he was surprised when the vote was called. Ganley's been on that board for more than a decade!

HHhhmmmm.  This seems to be a democrat pattern.  Don't bother to read or allow the public to examine proposed contracts... or bills... or laws... just make them responsible for them.

Morris's response, of course, justifies absolutely nothing.  A contract on a multi-billion dollar project that cedes the powers of eminent domain to an unelected, out of state agency?  NATURALLY those scum didn't want us to review it.  They'd have been burned out of the building had the public known about it first... and they then voted "yes" on that massive rip off.

Here's the thing, Betty Sue: that YOU didn't care enough to bother reading the contracts doesn't make it right... nor does it make this scam that The Liar, Slimeball,  "I'm Bought," Screw-the-people and "Busted Eye" voted for any more ethical... moral... or legal.

Just sayin'.


LewWaters said...

And we wonder why the county is so screwed up?

Anybody managing a business that signed contracts on someones word of what is in it would fired, immediately.

And Madore is condemned for wanting to know what is in a contract before approving it?


Political pizza said...

As I recall there was no mention of the 5,000,000 dollars escape clause revealed in the meeting. I guess the last c tran boss did a job than Hamm sandwich explains contracts to board