Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So... 4100 new jobs for Clark County in October: think the leftist scum will give Madore any credit?

In addition to his steadfast and proven-by-the-people-at-the-polls opposition to the CRC Scam, what the scum on the left call this "single issue candidate" who "bought his seat" also ran on a platform of job creation, an agenda he's doggedly pursued in the face of complete opposition by the despicable rag of a newspaper and his colleague, soon-to-be-former county commissioner democrat Slimeball Stuart.
So, today's headline on jobs? 
Clark County sees solid gain of 4,100 jobs in October

As you would expect, there's zero mention of Commissioner MAdore in this outcome: the sole commenter, a fringe left whack job, acts a typically stupid question:
Aaron -- is it possible to determine just how many of these 4,100 new jobs in Clark County are a direct result of the 'floodgates' being opened through the reduction of development and other fees approved by the BoCC and as promised by Commissioner David Madore?
When you have a case of Madore Derangement Syndrome like the leftists around here, it's simply impossible for those swine to credit Madore with ANYTHING, particularly the biggest fringe-left pig in SW Washington, Lefty Lou.

Now, watch as the leftists do what they can to undercut these results... without comparing Clark County to the rest of the state, Oregon or the tri-county area across the river... all of which suffered reversals.

When it comes to the leftist nutters... no good deed will go unpunished.

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