Friday, November 22, 2013

National democratian buffs their leftist partisan hackery.

The local daily rag makes no bones about it: their mission is to work for and further the local leftist's agenda and candidates... not unlike their larger version they use as a model... the New York Times.

Yesterday, the scumbag running the US Senate used the nuclear option.  I believe they pulled the trigger under the guise that democrat popularity is unlikely to sink any further.  After all, as Soviet tanks were entering Berlin, Hitler polled in the high 60's according to Gallup, so how bad could it get?

Back in 05, when the GOP was contemplating the nuclear option, the leftists in the Senate, including that waste of skin now in the White House, bitched like cut cats.

As the GOP was stupidly pondering the same move, here's an excerpt from the roll of used toilet paper aka the New York Times back in 2005:
Many of the wisest Republicans are well aware that their leaders are playing a dangerous game and that they are doing it for frivolous reasons. The judicial nominees can easily be replaced. But the sense that there are certain rules that all must play by, whether to their advantage or not, is something that cannot be restored. Senators need only to look at the House to see what politics looks like when the only law is to win at any cost.
Apparently, when it's the democrats engaging in this sort of things, the communists at the Times take a somewhat different view:
In the raucous and dysfunctional House of Representatives, any bill, no matter how inflammatory, has been dubbed bipartisan so long as it attracts a handful of Democratic votes. While Senate leaders have held up for praise any legislation that has secured strong bipartisan majorities — a farm bill, an immigration overhaul, a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act — Democrats have seethed as one presidential nominee after another fell to procedural blockades and major initiatives like gun control collapsed when they could not reach the 60-vote threshold.
Then on Thursday, before a solemn, almost funereal gathering on the Senate floor, the pretense came to an end.
It's not just the standard, fringe left hypocrisy such as that exhibited by the scumbags at the democratian as their usual lack of ethics and basic fairness are in play EVERY DAY.

It's that their lies are even thinly veiled attempts at what journalism is supposed to be: the fair and unbiased reporting of facts.

That, of course, is an unheard of concept here locally... but it's apparently a universal construct of leftist media everywhere.

And this... is just another example... of that.

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