Wednesday, November 06, 2013

With the CRC Scam getting crushed: what's Ridgefield Barbie going to do about it?

We now... finally... have an undeniable result that cannot be ignored: the people of Clark County do not want loot rail.

I've known this for years.  The scum of the Downtown Mafia; Brancaccio, Montagtue, Parker and that ilk have been trying to blow sunshine up our collective butts by telling us that the votes taken in this community, which have all roundly rejected loot rail, didn't mean what they so obviously meant.

They've been lying about that for years.

Well, it doesn't look like they can lie about it again.

So, the county has registered a stunning level of opposition to light rail.  Which begs the question:

What's Herrera going to do about it?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: to date... that woman has done absolutely nothing about the CRC.

Let me reiterate that: Jaime Herrera has done absolutely nothing about the CRC.

She's "press released" it.  But what has she DONE about it?  What bills has she introduced?  What LEGISLATION has she actually passed that would make any difference?

None.  And that's the thing: she's all hat and no cattle.  Her lack of action results from her efforts at "motion."

It's not that she CAN'T introduce legislation: it';s that she WON';T.  I mean, it didn't take her long to drop that idiotic Pearson Museum bill... which accomplished absolutely nothing (as I said it wouldn't) and which has even passed out of the House (which I said it wouldn't) and how's that worked out for her?

What's the last anyone's heard of that thing?

Well, now's her chance... to put her words... into action.

But since her top donors are bridge contractors?

Don't hold your breath.

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