Friday, October 18, 2013

Predictably, the fringe left support Herrera's sellout.

As expected, the Obamatons swarmed to Jaime Herrera's defense.

With the fringe-left nutters, (The usual collection of wild-eyed, left wing nut burgers) who left their comments underneath the article in question, as is expected, the GOP is at fault.  The GOP is always at fault.  The GOP is responsible for everything bad, and their Fuhrer is the second coming of a political Christ, incapable of fault or execution of any program..

Nonsense, of course.  For me, both sides of this issue are at fault.

Someone, much smarter than I, once pointed out, if Congress didn't want there to be a horrific deficit with $17 trillion of debt riding on the backs of our children and their children's children and THEIR children's children, there wouldn't be one.  Our Congresscritter apparently seemed incapable of recognizing that.

With the fringe-left nutters in our local neighborhood, there is no end to the amount of debt that the government can run up, because they can always tax more in their minds.

These geniuses also think that Obamacare is going to solve every problem known to man in the United States when it comes to medical issues, and they continue to support the idiotic effort to sign people up... when those people don't want to be signed up; the management and "leadership" that led to the wasting almost $700 million on a website that won't work, and the fact that many of the people will never sign up for this program.

That's just hunky-dory with them.

One can only wonder, what would their thoughts be if the reverse of been true?  What if it'd been say, Brian Baird, voting against the president?  Would these fringe-left nutters be as "understanding," or is their staunch, pathetic defense of fake Republican Herrera due entirely to their partisanship?

Well, this blogger was not surprised by Herrera's political treason.  She has always been a sellout to conservative causes, and this was no exception.  This is not about us; this is about her, like everything else that happens concerning her political career is about her.

This writer is becoming increasingly convinced that should she be challenged by a literate, heavily funded individual on her right in the upcoming primary of early next year… Herrera would run the risk of losing.

As the leftists foam at the mouth at the idea of their socialized medicine program being implemented... Even though democrat Sen. Max Baucus, who was a major player in writing this legislation, has referred to it as a "… Ongoing train wreck," one has to wonder: what will the leftists do when this doesn't work?  Besides blaming it on the GOP, I mean?

Their rank hypocrisy aside, Herrera has failed us… Again.  Just like she has every day of her tenure and elective politics since 2007.

She has done nothing about Obama care, nothing about the CRC, nothing about light rail, nothing about keeping the debt-ceiling lowered, nothing about reducing our taxes, nothing about the Department of Defense and their social policies, nothing about foreign policy, nothing about domestic policy... in short: nothing.

Her communications director, however, can sure cut-and-paste a damn fine press release… Can't he?

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Lew Waters said...

Herrera says "she isn’t going to agree with everyone all the time, but she hopes that those who agree with her priorities will continue to support her."

Does anybody know what her priorities are, besides maintaining invitations on the D.C. party circuit?