Saturday, October 19, 2013

Betty Sue Morris trashes Rivers and Pike

Predictably, democrats hate the very idea of anyone who's opposed to their CRC Scam being elected to anything... and that includes the position of freeholder.

Betty Sue Morris may have gone over the line with her idiocy in telling us that because someone has a title in front of their name, we should lose any ability to judge or make a decision on our own by confirming her own inadequacy in telling us that no legislator should be elected to a position of freeholder.

That Morris can't seem to figure out a way that these positions can be held simultaneously does not mean that it can't be done and done effectively.  Her position here just seems to confirm a lack of imagination and innovation on her part.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is based entirely on the position of Sen. Ann Rivers, and Rep. Liz Pike as staunch and effective opponents to most of the issues that Morris supports.  That is to say, that Sen. Rivers and Rep. Pike are staunch and effective opponents of the CRC scam, and therefore they cannot be allowed to have a voice in our local government.

It's a bizarre idea that just because these people are elected to the legislature, they somehow forfeit the right to run for any other office concerning the freeholder charter movement, and somehow shouldn't have any say about how the county is run and shouldn't be allowed to be a choice for the voters to make.

If I want to support Rivers for freeholder; if I want to support Pike for freeholder, that's none of Betty Sue Morris's business.

In fact, one would ask if she's so concerned about it, then why didn't Betty Sue Morris run for freeholder?

This was a strategic political move on Morris's part, designed entirely to damage the efforts of Rivers and Pike to become freeholders.  Yes, I understand that the communist representing the 49th in the House, Jim "Molehill" Moeller, is also on the freeholder ballot; but that the people from that area would elect him dogcatcher indicates that he that they are likely to elect him as a freeholder is well… And Morris knows that.  This is confirmed, in part, by the fact that this letter does not appear to have been printed in the democratian... and why is that?

In the other two Commissioner districts, outside of slimy Steve Stuart's, the people actually think for themselves, and are not Obamatons, or the modern day equivalent of political zombies, which is the best description I can come up with for democrats these days.

I believe that both Rivers and Pike will be elected in spite of the idiocy of Betty Sue Morris and those like her, who look for an excuse to silence those of the people who are actually opposed to their grand scheme to fiscally rape us known as the CRC scam.  Both Rivers and Pike have a long history of responsive elective leadership, and as a result I support the election of both of them, since their record on the issues that matter most is indisputable and obvious.

Where Morris hates their positions and would disqualify them from holding this additional office, I would urge just the opposite: they're deserving of election with a record that cannot be denied.  Morris primary concern is that their effectiveness will permeate the freeholder committee, and serve as a conservative force to stifle left wing intentions in Clark County.

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