Monday, October 21, 2013

CCP: democratian’s jihad against and persecution of David Madore doesn’t pass smell test.

I saw the headline of Greg Jayne’s latest Brancaccio inspired screed against David Madore.

Having followed along for the past several months of hatred of Madore from Brancaccio, which has surely seeped down to the DNA of most of the scum that he has working for him who masquerade as journalists;  they have whined about Madore for so long that the question boiled down to its essence:

Why bother?

This newspaper’s hatred of David Madore permeates in everything they write about him.  Lefty Lou “Goebbels” has been on a personal jihad against David Madore for literally years now.  There is no question that the entirely legal hiring of Don Benton, presented in Lefty Lou’s mind an opportunity to try and force Madore to resign;  or failing that, to weaken him politically, to the point where he would be powerless to impact the democratian’s agenda.  Clearly, Madore seems to be made of sterner stuff.

With hatred comes the requirement of the complete loss of objectivity that our local daily newspaper has become known for on all matters relating to their agenda.

They have beaten on this dead horse so much, for so long, that the only motivation for their actions appears to be a psychosis.

The title of the article is: “Madore’s explanation and apology don’t pass smell test.”

Unfortunately for our daily fish wrapper, the litany of lies and exaggeration and twisting and attacks and insults of those who are smart enough to oppose their worldview doesn’t pass the smell test either.

What’s problematic for the democratian is that the people notice this.

Does the democratian have the ability to sway public opinion?

It’s possible… But if they could sway public opinion all that much, then why don’t we have a Commissioner Boldt and a Commissioner Tanner?  This newspaper practically dragged people out of their homes at gunpoint (rhetorically speaking) to get them to vote for these two based on their hatred of candidate Madore and Commissioner Tom Mielke.…  And how did that work out for them?

If the cancer on our community is capable of swaying public opinion, then why the growing opposition to their pet CRC Scam?

It is, perhaps, unfortunate for the democratian that they seem to be a newspaper in a community where the vast majority of people have the ability to think for themselves.

I imagine if Greg Jayne had not professed to share Lefty Lou “Joseph Goebbels” Brancaccio’s worldview on Madore, that he would never have gotten the gig as the local wart on a pig’s ass newspaper editorial page editor.  Frankly, anything or anyone after the scum that was John Laird would be an improvement.

For a short time, I actually believed that Jayne would be “different”.  That he actually had a backbone and could actually stand up to the hatred of Lefty Lou, and actually begin to serve more the people of this community than Brancaccio’s hatred of Madore fetish.

Unfortunately for us all, a pattern is beginning to emerge.  As he begins to slide into that same kind of nonsense and inability to think for himself that Laird showed with every word, thought and deed.

I freely admit I didn’t read this article, and I freely admit I’m not going to bother to read any article that the democratian writes about David Madore.  Why bother?  They all say the same thing, and they’re all designed to achieve one aim: the political neutering of perhaps the top local opponent to their efforts to socially engineer this community.

The democratian’s legendary hatred for Don Benton has infected everything they’ve written about him for almost 2 decades now.  And while I take much the same tact in writing about the downtown Mafia types infesting us, the mission of the democratian and the mission of this blog are two distinctly separate things.

If Lefty Lou “Goebbels” Brancaccio wants to mouth off with his opinion, then perhaps he should look at starting a blog like everybody else.

But using a daily newspaper as a cudgel to attack everyone and anything who opposes his agenda?

Some reading this right now might wonder aloud: “well, isn’t that what Hinton is doing?”

I also freely admit that, to a certain extent.  But my blog serves multiple purposes, not the least of which is a platform that I use to fight back against the bullies in the scum that are impacting my life with their decisions while they don’t even bother to ask me about what I want.

Nothing I write in this blog changes any laws, raises your taxes, or disregards your attitudes or concerns at a level where government change is going to be made.  Thus, I had the luxury of beating the hell out of the enemies of this community.  Lefty Lou and Greg Jayne do not have that luxury.

As professional journalists, they should never allow their personal feelings based on their emotions of hatred to interfere with doing their jobs.

To my mind, there is no doubt that articles such as the one that Jayne has done here and the articles lovingly telling us about bogus nonsensical lawsuits that will be thrown out or destroyed in court against Madore and or Mielkie… Are based on democratian’s hatred, and their hatred alone.  Because other politicians in this area, specifically Jim “Molehill” Moeller, Communist – 49th District, have done much more damage for far longer… All without raising one iota of anger from our local rag.

Imagine how much more valuable a daily newspaper would be if they kept their personal feelings out of doing their job, were actually were responsive to their community, and were actually concerned about and perhaps even sought out the thoughts and ideas of the people that they purport to serve?

Instead, we get hatred… the newspaper of hate speech. Anytime anyone works to put the will of the people ahead of their agenda, Lefty Lou attempts to “Rule 5” them.  (Alinsky’s Rule Five: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”)  What was their playground, childish response to the concept of advisory votes?  Well, they hate advisory votes, for the same reason they hate any other expression of the will of the people that they cannot deny once expressed: their response was to vote no on everything as a protest.

For me, then, the question becomes: what would such a vote accomplish? Would that serve the people of this community, which should be there over arcing concern?

Or would it serve the downtown Mafia… The Identity Vancouver types… The Chamber of Horrors types… The CRUDEC types?

Hatred is a powerful force.  But there’s no place for it in a daily newspaper.  And before Greg Jayne is completely swallowed up by the forces of the dark side, he needs to remember how much damage John Laird did to both the newspaper, and this community, with his divisive bullshit, his insults, his belittlement, and his efforts to politically neuter both the group and an individual whose done something that neither Jayne nor Laird have ever done: put their collective ass on the line to get elected to help to shape a community.  And how easy it is for those who sit on the margins, to take potshots at those who’ve actually been in or are in the arena.

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