Monday, October 21, 2013

The latest on how Tim "the liar" Leave–it has wasted his campaign dollars, much like he wastes taxpayer dollars.

Here's a few of the expenditures from the campaign money provided by the special interests that own Tim "the liar" Leave–it.

Let's see.  So far… Of the $70,000 or so the Downtown Mafia has given, him, he's wasted most of it on the following:

He's reimbursed himself (skimmed?) $10,000 or so.

That nonsense include so-called strategy meetings and lost wages, (as if he was worth being paid).  He charges his campaign for having a home office and gasoline.  I'm sure his donors are thrilled.

This idiot has wasted $21,000 on managers, consultants, and research.

He spent almost $1000 on T-shirts (I'll take any excess you've got when your massacre is over Tim… I'm always looking for rags to clean up after changing in the oilon one of my cars.)  Leave-it claims $2000 on overhead and in addition to a home office, feels compelled to have a campaign headquarters that he's wasted $4000 on, including utilities.

The only money he spent on voter contact is $9000 for signs, including that bogus billboard the claims to be on "our side," but is in fact set up on the Oregon side, which is probably one of the more honest positions that he's ever had.

He's blown $4000 on Internet and Facebook, $3500 for a series of lies known as a door belling piece; and $7000 for the lies on a mailer.  And finally, he's wasted about $1500 for his mug shot and design.

Clearly, this clown runs his campaign like TriMET, ODot, in C Tran, run the CRC.

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Lew Waters said...

It's not his money, but I also wonder about his Oregon Campaign sign.

If I heard right, KOIN 6 stated it was costing $1200 per day until the election.

That seems on the low side for such a billboard lighted display.

So I wonder just who is really paying for it.

They bitch about Madore funding candidates like he is violating some invisible rule and claiming he is buying seats, but funding for those claims comes from Ed Lynch, AFSCME, The Furstenbergs nd other pro-light rail special interests.

How many seats have they bought over the years and nobody batted an eye?