Friday, November 29, 2013

Is this a good time to point out that Senator Cruz was right?

Oh, the whaling and gnashing of teeth of the establishment republicans about Sen. Cruz's positions on Obamacare.

Everyone from that empty-suited idiot representing us (allegedly) in Congress to Mitch McConnell blew the call.

The mainstreamers were wrong.

Ted Cruz was right.

Why haven't those slimeballs who attacked him the most, either directly... or indirectly... apologized?

Why haven't they acknowledg3ed they were wrong and he was right?

When it comes to the empty-suits like Herrera... and the RINO's like her, and McCain, and Graham and McConnell and Boehner, et all, and those of that ilk who threw us under the Obamacare bus... why haven't they apologized?

Just another of the many nails in the GOP coffin.

Cruz was right, all along.

Joe Wilson was right... all along.

And what are the slime who went along with this injustice doing about it?


Let's remember, people: politics does not happen in a vacuum.  A large part of the reason our economy, domestic policies and foreign policies are in such horrific shape is because the "establishment," having determined that our rape was inevitable, decided to try and relax and enjoy it.


Not now... not ever.

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Unknown said...

now that the dutch and the british have declared their welfare states dead, do you think things will get better in america?? -