Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CCP has filed a PDC complaint against Jon Russell.

Look. I admit it. I loath Jon Russell. I pity the people that buy into the facade that Russell stands for anything but Russell and political opportunism.

But the basis for the complaint, which was rather complicated and large and which grew to several pages as it was being developed, is based on evidence that Russell has deliberately attempted to manipulate the transparency aspects of the Public Disclosure Commission's effort to shine a light on campaign finance in this state.

The rules are fairly straightforward.

First, if you and anticipate spending more then $10,000 in a campaign, then you must file electronically.

I understand why a career politician type like Russell wants to hide as much of his campaign as possible. But the rules are the rules, and they're fairly straightforward, and certainly someone who constantly reminds us that he owns a clinic (as if that's any reason to vote for him) while having a nothing-but-political-resume' should have no trouble figuring out the PDC rules....

Should he?

Second, it’s really naughty to pay off congressional campaign debt with state representative campaign dollars.

I know Russell is an abysmal fund raiser. Who would actually WANT to give money to him? Months on the Congressional campaign trail.... and Russell could only raise $30,000.

Don Benton, while running for the US Senate, raised that in a week.

Third, it's just as naughty to falsely report the date of a debt on a C-4.

Fourth, did you really believe you could list March debt on an April C-4 reported May 10th?

And finally, when you use those darn consultants, an itemization of their services are required.

Especially those consultants you're paying while they trash someone... or others... without mentioning, even in passing, that you're still paying them.

Yes, this is certainly the Jon Russell we all know and love.

Transparency? Fuggedaboutit. Clearly, we have a series of issues that call his competency into question; we have a series of actions that call his honesty into question; and we have a series of statements that certainly could tend make one believe that, well, he and the truth are often strangers.

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