Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gee... what do you think the Columbian will do for endorsements now?

County races:

Assessor? The democrat. Can't remember her name.

Clerk? Parker. Won't matter to them that she's a total union hack or that she uses illegal campaign signs.

Treasurer? Lasher. He's a democrat.

Prosecutor? Golik. He's a union thug endorsed by all the other union thugs. A one-trick pony who doesn't know crap about most of what the prosecutor's office does and he's endorsed by Curtis. Do we want another whiner and sniveler like "I need more money" Curtis?

The obligatory Republican will be Lucas.

They will, of course, endorse both incumbent House members in the 49th. They are, after all, democrats, and it doesn't matter that Moeller is the moron behind the candy and soda tax that while the rag's been hammering the tax they've simultaneously been covering for Moeller, who sponsored it.

Also, Jacks, of course, has been voting for every tax increase and spending bill known to man.

But they are democrats, and the rag lacks the testicular fortitude of the Seattle Times, who endorsed, say, a challenger to Rep. Hans Dunshee for the tax increases, mid-recession, that our leftists are famous for.

49th - Moeller and Jacks. (Off year for Pridemore.)

In the 17th, Probst is the incumbent. The rag will wrap him up like he's a conservative democrat, but he is a democrat and these clowns will endorse him.

With the tab issue to the fore, Harris has been damaged. The left will go negative on him immediately, dredging (heh) up his alleged pollution issue and then combine that with this plate stupidity.

His opponent is a fringe-left nutberger, thrilled to the bone to have been an Obama delegate to the National Convention. With any luck at all, the empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot she supported will endorse her.

But she is a democrat, and I expect the rag to use that as the excuse to endorse her.

17th - Probst and Stonier. (Off year for Benton, tho they'd rather not build their loot rail idiocy then to ever endorse Benton)

In the 18th, the democrat put together a campaign that garnered him a whopping 31% of the vote. Brancaccio could come close to getting those numbers. Orcutt drew a pass and it's an off year for Zarelli.

18th - Kampe.

In the Congressional race, while Ridgefield Barbie is the GOP candidate, by every measure (save one, his party affiliation) , Heck is by far the superior candidate. And he is a democrat.

Barbie's issues didn't suddenly stop by moving into the general. She'll still be owned by the establishment, she'll still be McMorris's puppet, she still won't know her ear from a hole in the ground, she still won't have any experience, education, vision, temperament, plan or clue and she continues to be as worthless as a brass door knocker. And Heck is the democrat.

WA03 - Heck.

Murray brings home the bacon. That's all the paper needs (or wants) to know. They'll dress it up, but at base, they count on Murray to write checks for their moronic waste of time, effort and money known as the loot rail/bridge replacement project.

While I anticipate that Rossi, a bit of a leftist himself, will come out in support of that utter nonsense, dong a "me -too" to keep the local unions from pouring quite so much money into the race, Murray will market herself as a democrat with a proven track record of wasting our cash on crap the rag wants. How can they resist?

I base this perspective on the track record of the stain on journalism. It's essentially how they rolled in 08, and there's been no real change in personnel or attitude since.


Lew Waters said...

I'd love to see the pouting when the Princess finds out the Columbian will not be endorsing her come the general election.

I've heard she is well-known for her tantrums.

Martin Hash said...

The Columbian Editorial Board did not endorse Heck in the Primary - they endorsed two Rs. They savaged Stonier. Rivers got a big thumbs up.

My personal experience with The Columbian Editorial broad is that they are relatively conservative. On the other hand, their political writer, Kathie Durbin, is either incompetent or dishonest - I can't tell the difference so it's all the same to me.

Speaking as an attorney, Golik, union or not, is the right man.

Anonymous said...

Lew, too bad its not recorded by cell phone camera! ;-)

Just a guy said...

OK... I'll byte, Martin... why?

I'd be interested in reading your views.

Martin Hash said...

See the first comment at:
(I have an email trail.)

Here is my response concerning my declaration article:
(She denied the allegations to my face.)

Every time I talk to her she seems to have an agenda, and she obviously does not confirm sources, (consider how she wrote about you.) She can have her own opinion but she can't have her own facts.

Did you know she lives in Portland?!

I will not talk to her again - but she'll write whatever she wants anyway.