Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Americans for Prosperity ad... does it help... or does it hurt?

Few reading this blog for long will have to wonder where I stand on my support (or the lack thereof) of Ridgefield Barbie for Congress.

So, here's an ad we've been hammered with staring a few who, among other things, endorsed Herrera long before the primary:

"Heck supported the liberal 787 billion dollar stimulus."

So did Brian Baird.

You know, the same Brian Baird that Herrera couldn't find any reason to criticize?

"Denny Heck is a 30 year political insider."

And Ridgefield Barbie isn't "... a ... political insider?"

Or is it just the matter of degree? That is, Heck's been an insider longer and that's bad... while Herrera has been an insider for less time, and that's somehow ... better?

"Tell Denny Heck Washington State needs leadership... not Nancy Pelosi's failed policies."

The problem, of course, is that Herrera wouldn't know "leadership" if it bit her on the.... ankle.

Unfortunately, this ad provides precisely zero reasons to vote for Babs.

The IE's will have to do much better to overcome her upcoming abysmal performances in the debates where Heck will flatten her like a pancake.


witchywoman said...

Oh Herrera knows leadership alright. Hours after Castillo issued his press release, Jaime put a post on Facebook for all of us to unite.

She has been two steps behind Castillo this whole time. Nothing has changed.

Hasn't she heard, she won, she won!!

Lew Waters said...

The Princesses idea of "unity" is for everyone to blindly fall in behind her, as did the "doughboy."

She offers nothing of any substance and appears to feel entitled to this seat.

I might even feel a little sorry for her once the DCCC finishes with her, but I doubt it.

If the DCCC a nd Heck are smart, they will look really close into "Guilt by Association" with the "doughboy."

Anonymous said...

MY favorite quote that should from that video is its titled and it should be applied to BOTH candidates.

"Tell Denny Heck and Jamie Herrera, we need Leadership." That is how it should read!