Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mussolini Mikey Briggs pegs the moron meter... again. This time on the charter idiocy.

Since the fringe-left nutters were the rabid force behind the charter effort this time as they struggled to implement what amounts to a legal coup attempt, Mussolini Mikey has managed to shoot himself in the foot once again.

I flatly guarantee that the 18th District will reject the charter.  Period.

Now, that said, Mikey is hanging out over at the democrats hate site, aka C3G2, tying to get someone... anyone... to support him (And God knows how little his support is going to be at the end of the day, given that his fundraising, for example, is as pathetic as the rest of his positions)  he has to babble the following:

  • Mike Briggs I was very pleased and very proud to hear of the group, Freeholders, getting this Charter put to bed and ready now for the voters. I know it was a tough job but I am sure it will have a real impact on the voters, and hopefully, make this a "Beginning of the End", for the Reign of Terror, Clark County has been experiencing since Madore began his rampage.
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  • Esther Schrader Mike Briggs, it's going to take lots of hard work & focus to persuade voters to approve the Charter. This group can do it!
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  • Mike Briggs This group can surely help. But what I see needed, no matter where it comes from is, marketing. You must find a way to reach the voters in way they will hear the msg...and respond.

Hatred.  Partisan hatred.  It's Briggs' modus operandi.

This charter has no chance.  None.  But the leftists live in their cocoon and they firmly believe that this thing can make it.  But then, apparently, Briggs believes he actually can get elected.  And how bizarre is that?.

You know, like many of these same assclowns, including Briggs, were sure the CRC/loot rail Scam would be built?

A group of people driven by hatred can help.  Help bury this garbage pile effort to regain control of the commission.

Here's the thing: what Briggs sees as needed is worthless.  He's going to be destroyed this November, more of a laughing stock footnote then, say, David Shehorn.

Hatred is never a good political platform.  Yet the hatred by the left reeks... it drives them... it's not about what's best for the people of this county: it's about what's best for the rabid fringe-left nutjobs hanging out on that site.  And no matter what they do, they'll come across like blithering leftist morons... kinda like Parker did yesterday with her despicable performance.

Every person these scum send out will have posted something idiotic on this silly-assed facebook page, and this blog will beat them to political death with it.

The voters WILL "hear the message."  They will ALSO "respond."  And after they vote against Briggs, they'll check all the "no" blocks on the ballot concerning this stupidity.

And that's a shame, really, but it's much like the left still wants to kill the charter because they hate the idea of giving the people a voice... precisely like they hated to allow us to vote on the CRC Scam... since they don't give a rat's ass WHAT the people want when it conflicts with their agenda.

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