Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brancaccio lies again: "More political guys should jump on in."

First, he lies by omission:

"More political guys should jump on in."

If.... IF.... They AGREE WITH HIM.

A portrait of the latest democratian edition
What would his take be if, like so much of the rest of the population of this county, those "political guys" happened to disagree with him?  What if the vast majority of those in elective office came out swinging and demanded that the terminal be built here?

Would that change one iota of Lefty's self-serving pap?

Of course not.

Here's the thing: Lefty Lou has lied so often about so much, does anyone REALLY believe that the downtown mafia's taxpayer paid development on the waterfront wouldn't get built anyway, terminal or no?

Does anyone really believe that the terminal can't be ameliorated?  That it can be dealt with in a way that won't offend the cash-only sensibilities of these whining little jerks?

The oil trains are coming through... in large part, because that moron in the White House won't sign off on the Keystone Pipeline.  The only question is will this community benefit from it financially?  Or some other community?

And, of course, the biggest issue of all is this:

Literally for years while this slimeball was lying and attacking in every imaginable way to get the idiocy of the CRC Scam built, what did he print... perhaps hundreds of times?

That there was nothing the Vancouver Soviet could do about it, their lying scumbag of a mayor notwithstanding.

That there was nothing that the county commissioners could do about it.

And most importantly, that there was nothing the PEOPLE could do about it... because that scumbag never cared WHAT we wanted when it clashed with the rag's agenda.

How'd that work out for him?  That piece of crap, multi-billion dollar waste of money getting built?

The Port of Vancouver made the decision to build the terminal.  It was their decision to make.   That Lefty whines about it is irrelevant.  That the leftists are pissed off about it is meaningless. The Port made the decision as a matter of law: a law Lefty wants them to break.

It's not all that different from the fringe-left nutters pissed off about WalMarts getting built around here.

The way the law works is this: if a developer of any kind, including the kind for an oil terminal... wants to build something that meets all the legal requirements... a store... a housing development... a gas station... an oil terminal... then the governing body cannot deny them that permission.

The fact is that had the Port said "no," they likely would have been on the losing end of a legal battle that would have lost them a lot of money while still forcing them into this decision.

Meanwhile, we're faced with the same whining, sniveling, only-I-matter bullshit Lefty Lou is so known for.

I expect the Governor, who like most pissing into the wind on this issue (Including the moron running the democratian) consumes massive amounts of petroleum products, will likely say "no," but I could be as wrong as the next guy.

The terminal IS going to be built.  It's just a matter of where and when.

Meanwhile, energy independence is the farthest thing from the fringe-left nutters whining the loudest about it.

In closing, the fact is that there won't be any "dog fight" between the Vancouver Soviet and the Port.  The Port holds all the cards, the Soviet's got nothing to offset that and, if they feel like getting their collective asses kicked in court as a result?

Well, everyone has the government they deserve.

It's just a shame that a bromide like that doesn't also apply to a community's newspaper.

Quoting one guy who only speaks for himself merely because he happens to agree with your take... no matter how stupid and ignorant it may be, does nothing to address the issues.  I, for example, happen to completely disagree with that clown's take.  Does the fact that he has a title and his head up Lefty's nether regions somehow equate to credibility that anyone else doesn't have?

For example, *I* disagree and actually believe that this decision DOES happen to serve "the best interests of this entire region."  And I guess that the fringe-left whack job running our local cancer on our community isn't going to be shilling the attitudes and perspectives of others who happen to disagree with this clown in such a favorable light.

Because ignoring the other side of an issue... or attacking it on a personal level... or allowing surrogates like the pit yorkie to engage in name calling (I guess the anti-CRC Cockroaches had the last laugh, eh, pit?) is how he rolls.

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Lew Waters said...

He at least used an accurate image of the Lazy C