Friday, May 30, 2014

Democratian gets it wrong to the end.

For the rest of local history, the democratian and the morons who run carrying the tattered and torn CRC/Loot Rail banner will engage in revisionist history in an effort to shorn themselves for the responsibility of this debacle and blame everyone else for the waste of $200 million and over a decade of time.

In fact, Jaynes' babbles as much:
The Columbia River Crossing, a much-discussed, much-lamented proposal to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge between Washington and Oregon, is expected to be officially buried Saturday. It was 14 years old.
The cause of death was listed as neglect brought about by intransigence, as the Washington Legislature in 2013 declined to provide funding for a project that was the result of years of work between multiple government agencies and thousands of comments from the public. Oregon lawmakers earlier this year ignored the dying proposal, leading to the planned burial when the project’s office closes and its lease runs out.
There was "intransigence," all right.  Sen. Ann Rivers and Sen. Don Benton were "intransigent" when it came to doing their jobs and representing the people of this region.

CRC Scammers like Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart were equally "intransigent," as was the rag itself, our local cancer on our society.  Even after the efforts of Tiffany Couch unearthed the corruption and policies which deliberately excluded public input from having any impact... a fact the CRC Scum ALWAYS ignore... they keep reciting the "thousands of comments from the public" scam without also adding the line "each and every one of which was ignored by those in charge and not one of them made any difference."

Reciting that line over and over and over again is the same thing as saying that when the Allies dropped millions of leaflets over Germany during World War 2, each and every one of THOSE was ALSO a "public contact."

Yet, the rag keeps bringing it up like the CRC actually made an effort to listen... and that never happened.

They refused to listen BEFORE the advisory votes crushed their dreams, and they refused to listen AFTER. Just look at the 3 morons on the leftist Christmas list: each of them staunch defenders of this rip off even in the massive of massive and overwhelming opposition.  Each with the ongoing support of the tin-eared rag of a daily paper.

Unlike Sens. Rivers and Benton, the CRC Scammers were determined to the end to keep the people silent. They were determined to the end to see their plan to ram loot rail down our throats through to the end.  They protested a vote, a voice of any kind for the people of this county, claiming that such a vote "would make no difference" and even going so far as to stupidly suggest that we throw our votes away by voting a blanket YES just to show THEM.

So, yes.  There WAS self-destructive CRC Scammer intransigence.  But it wasn't Legislative.  It was on the part of each and every slimeball who refused to compromise, who continued wasting tens of millions of dollars in the face of public resistance with the support of this rag.

When offered the possibility of building the bridge without the hated loot rail, what was the response?

"No light rail... no bridge."

That edict, issued by Oregon Governor John Taxhaber, confirmed the Oregon State Supreme Court and stubbornly carried around by CRC Scammers such as Mussolini Mikey Briggs, Bulky Winningham, Craig Pridemore and all the rest of the leftists.

The rag's revisionist, incomplete history that, of course, is never mentioned: they have yet to mention the Oregon Supreme Court decision that puts the lie to the entirety of their revisionist column of today... that even included the lie that the federal government "demanded" loot rail on the bridge when, in fact, the only "demand" was a "mass transit component," which meant that Bus Rapid Transit could have served just as well... but would have done little to nothing to help out the dying TriMet and their billion-dollar debt.

And even now, in the end, the scum behind this rip off cannot come up with any possible reason to waste billions and to yoke the 65,000 plus commuters with $2000 a year of ever-increasing tolls for the next 45 years to begin with... another factoid the rag neglects to mention.

But then, the truth about this scam has NEVER been something Lefty Lou and his minions could face.... even now... when it's over.

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