Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let me help you with this, Mikey: You ain't GETTING elected.

One of Mussolini Mikey's MANY political issues is his level of self-delusion.

A year's long CRC/Loot Rail scammer who lies about his governance style (Really, Musso?  You'd be a voice for ME?  And how, exactly, does that work?)  Mikey simply seems incapable of understanding the district that he's moronically attempting to scam an election from.

A rabid and ignorant Charter Supporter, Briggs is actually PROUD of writing this king of garbage in his efforts to get support from the few druggies that bother to vote... as if those few wouldn't vote fringe-left nutter anyway.

The following was taken from a post I made, with regard to a post/statement by Mayor Sean Guard of Washougal.
..." It remains to be seen if Rep. Liz Pike will be reelected this November so that she might try to amend that marijuana law and to make it more effective. And it also remains to be seen if I am elected, for the first time, to the State House. However, one thing I am sure of, if elected I will make it a priority of mine to attempt to work on that existing law, and to make sure it is more equitable and effective. And another very salient point, I FIRMLY believe if the State is going to pass laws which require action on any community, and the State intends to tax anything which predicates action by that community, I will work very HARD to ensure, that those tax revenues are SHARED with all the communities in my district, with respect to the amount of financial burden that is placed upon them. It would seem to me, and because the people of Washington State have spoken with I 502- that a Tax and Regulate approach is the best thing for all parties concerned."
First, Mikey, you ain't getting elected.  Your rhetoric notwithstanding, you already know that.

Second, Mikey, you already know Bully ain't getting elected, either.

Third, in the unlikely and horrific event you WERE elected, you'd be a worthless, backbench rookie.  YOU would only do what you were told.

And your parsing of the language makes your "pledge" worthless:
 I will make it a priority of mine to attempt to work on that existing law,
"There is no "try."  There is only "do," or "no do," you gutless little worm.  You can't even talk straight in a letter to the editor.

The people of the 18th District opposed this initiative district wide.  A quick review reveals that, like the loot rail scam you love so much, this initiative lost in EVERY PRECINCT IN THE 18th DISTRICT.

Much like, come to think of it, you will..

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