Saturday, May 31, 2014

My take on the Lew Waters issue.

At the outset, I support Lew.

Over the past few years, I have seen PaulBots from all over the country engage in this type of filth against Lew for committing the cardinal sin of speaking his mind. It's just one of the many reasons I am opposed to anyone with the last name of Paul and any one of those in his cult.

I've been messaged by some to try and contact Lew in an effort to chill him out.  My response:

Hell, no.  Lew's an adult.  He's got proven conservative cred.  And every word against Lew strengthens my resolve, my hatred and my opposition to their efforts to dominate the political scene.

In time, those morons will work themselves directly out of the picture... becoming a footnote on the local political scene (See Ellen Craswell) and we'll be through with them.

Those engaging in this character assassination have picked on the wrong target.

Their cowardly anonymity is the thing... their psychotic effort to silence a critic, reminiscent of the Nazi's is the thing.  Their obvious effort to engage in Alinski's Rules are the true outcomes of this.  It shows who they really are.

I cannot support them.  I cannot support campaigns where any of them are allowed to work or volunteer.  I will actively attack them and support any effort to get rid of them from our political scene.

Lew Waters is a good man.  He's done something few of the cowards attacking him have done: bolted on a uniform and put his ass on the line.

He is one of us who pre-paid our First Amendment rights.

And I am proud to associate myself with him, his blogging efforts (far superior to my own meager sign post) and his efforts in the name of conservative causes and local transparency.

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