Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The commissioner selection.

Wow.  So much hatred on the left.

1.  It won't be Pridemore.

It's idiotic to pay a loser like that the big bucks just so he can take a leave of absence from his Oly job and campaign.

Do us all a favor, Craig: stay in Olympia.

2.  So, chose between Parker and Barnes.

Parker would be a total pipeline to the downtown mafia that owns her like the 13th Amendment was never adopted.  She's just doing this to plus up her resume'.  Lying about the parks and the bridge though, did nothing to help her, nor did her smarmy superiority.

I don't think it was an act, however: anyone who lies as much as as long as she did about the CRC Scam does it not as an act, but because it's second nature.

Barnes is as dumb as a plank fence, and he lies like a rug (No, Ed, you did NOT "help Rodney Tom in his first election."  Tom was first elected as a REPUBLICAN.  And ol' Eddie would dive into an exploding volcano before he's help a Republican do ANYTHING.)  Barnes doesn't give a damn WHAT the people want: he's totally in the tank for the "I only speak for me" school of thought... but so is Parker.

None of them want to cancel that idiotic and likely unconstitutional TriMet contract idiocy.

Still, Barnes doesn't have a clue and because he's not all that bright, going down there and pounding him like a nail would actually be a hoot.

I say: pick Barnes.

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