Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How terrible is Clark County Government? Why doesn't anyone want the county executive job?

Since July, Jim Rumpeltes, a veteran city and county administrator, has been serving as interim county manager. The following month, the council voted to authorize Rumpeltes to sign a $27,000 contract with Strategic Government Resources, a Texas-based recruiting and consulting firm, to find a permanent county manager.
At the time, council Chair Marc Boldt said that the search for a permanent manager would be complete by December or January. But in December, Boldt expressed disappointment with the recruitment process, saying the search only yielded 22 applications when he was expecting more than 60.
Gee.  Imagine that.

Professionals in government looked over the insanity of the County Council and the idiocy of a petulant county charter system... combined with the firing of the LAST county manager... with the incompetent leftist leadership of my brother-in-law who isn't even allowed by the PDC to run his OWN campaign finances... and they rightfully concluded they wouldn't be caught dead in our zoo.

Here's where a little introspection would be helpful, Marc.

You need to ask yourself WHY this place is radioactive.

You need to ask yourself WHY this place has the reputation of being the insane asylum you've given it.

You need a little self-introspection to discover why you couldn't even get people to APPLY for the insanity you've caused.

Those in government... those who rammed this bogus charter down our throats... you need to find a mirror and look into as deeply as possible.

If you do?  You'll see the causes of why so many in the field of governance would rather have leukemia than work for a bunch of proven idiots.

If this great, "democratic" Charter scam was such a good deal... if the RINOs running this county were all that... they wouldn't have received a mere 22 applications... they'd have picked up a 120.

That they DIDN'T?  Is because this insane asylum is a place professionals would rather dive face first into a vat of boiling acid than actually work in.

Simple, really.

And as "disappointed" in this process as you are, Marc... it's not even a 100th as disappointed as I am in you.

Well done.

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