Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Will a DACA amnesty be a betrayal?

We know betrayal.

At the local level, we're infested by fake Republicans who used the label to get elected and then who routinely voted... on the issues that matter... like the furthest-fringe-leftist.

Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360), who rang up literally BILLIONS in additional gas and property taxes while lying about them every foot of the way... all while scheming to resurrect the Loot Rail project known as the I-5 Bridge replacement...meaning additional billions from the people of Clark County.

Lynda "Jack Your Tax" Wilson (D-Tracy) who is nothing more than a sock puppet for her leftist, moneyed, string-pulling husband; Wilson claimed she was a conservative just long enough to get elected as a Senator... and who never votes against Rivers in anything I can find... joined with Rivers in jacking up our taxes to enrich the WEA by kowtowing to the Supreme Court they should have been ignoring on the so-called McCleary decision... and has also joined with her rape of our wallets on loot rail as well.

Along with the other local fake Republicans... Boldt, Olson, Stuart, Blom, Weber, Kimsey, Harris, Vick, Hoff... all of whom have lied about their platforms for election and/or jacked up our taxes by astronomical amounts while doing everything "Gas Tax" orders them to do... state and local politics has been one act of betrayal after another in these and so many other ways.  Throw our utterly worthless, do-nothing, COULDN'T EVEN FIND A WAY TO GET TO VOTE ON THE BUDGET DEAL Congresswoman into the mix and you have a herd of fake Republicans who pay lip-service to the brand while ignoring the tenets of Republicanism to out-democrat the democrats.

So, we are well-versed on betrayal here locally.

The democrats, naturally, want as many illegals as possible in this country as they scheme to get their illegal votes counted... California is, in fact, looking at allowing illegals to vote in all elections as it is.  Other leftists states are watching to see how that plays out and if California gets away with it, many other law-breaking, sanctuary type states will follow suit.

(Of course, the simple solution would be to cease counting Californian votes in federal elections and to simply unseat their two Senators and 53 members of congress until such time as they can hold voter-fraud free elections)

Some Republicans take a different view.  They have decided that rewarding those who break our laws will be the thing to do, because, well, it's the "humane".

I could care less about the "humane" aspect.

I am all about ending the problem.  Rewarding those who break our laws will not really serve as any kind of incentive to actually STOP breaking our laws... will it?

Various numbers of illegals under the unconstitutional program implemented by our most recent scumbag former president are bandied about.  One hears 800,000 prospective democrat voters.  Another number is 3.6 million.  And given the democrat's racism and bigotry laid bare by WikiLeaks in the last election, don't even stop to believe that they're doing this out of any sense of "altruism" or "humanity."

With GOP control of the 3 branches of legislative government, eliminating these people from our country, rounding them up and deporting them so they can go through the process like anyone else, anywhere else, with no special consideration or restriction as a result of their decision... or the decision of whomever was responsible... to bring them here illegally... should be easily done.

You'd think that.

But the presence of RINOs infesting the US Senate... the same RINOs who stopped the death of Obamacare they all campaigned on to get elected (There... detecting a pattern?) the Grahams, the Collins, the McCains, the Flakes... keep that from happening.

Self-deportation would be simple:  Make it illegal for illegals to own property.  Cars, Houses, businesses.  Make it illegal for illegals to attend our schools.  Make it illegal for illegals to receive any financial aid of any kind.  Make it illegal for them to receive any medical care beyond that needed to stabilize them for deportation.  End this bizarre illegal alien destination resort we've set up.

Reorganize immigration courts to deportation courts.

Change the burden of proof to the presumptive deportee.

Instead, clearly, amnesty is under consideration for hundreds of thousands here illegally.  Essentially, too many people are looking at this and thinking... Wow... there's so many of them and gee, they've been breaking our laws for so long... well, we'd best let them stay.

Yeah, because, you know... rewarding those who break our laws by giving them what THEY want has always worked out in the past, right?

The arguments in favor of amnesty for those here because of the illegal, unconstitutional program breathed into existence by Obama and struck down by the Supreme Court  are remarkably similar to those made in favor of the disastrous Reagan amnesty of the 80's.

Millions were granted amnesty.  And as a direct result, millions more looked at that and felt compelled to believe that if they came here and merely stayed long enough, they, too, would be given a free pass.

If... IF an amnesty for DACA types would actually FIX the problem, I might support it.

But history has shown these types of fixes, where those pissing on our laws get what they wanted in the first place are rewarded for their efforts inevitably leads to a worsening of the problem... not a solution to the problem.

And a DACA amnesty will be no different.

The other aspects of this... a retroactive end to anchor babies, an end to the lottery, and end to chain migration and the building of the wall should have nothing to do with DACA.  The wall should be built and Mexico should pay for it.  Those who are here illegally should be deported and never, ever allowed to come back.

There must be some individual cost to be borne by those who view our laws as a speed bump to reaching their goal.

Work that hard wherever you come from?

And you would prosper there... and there would be much less impetus as a result to come here.

This can has been kicked down the road since the Eisenhower administration.  Both parties are equally guilty in this.  We are now ideally positioned to put an end to this issue... permanently.

The only thing we're lacking is the will.

And instead of doing what needs to be done... what MUST be done... the GOP is finding a way to cave... again... because once again they've forgotten: the leftists always play the long game because essentially, they count on the GOP caving at some point down the road.

And they're rarely disappointed.

So, would a DACA amnesty be a betrayal?

It's difficult to conclude otherwise.

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