Friday, January 19, 2018

Interesting election cycle coming up: Past is prologue?


As the reasons to vote against our local fake Republican senator in this arguably conservative district begin to pile up, let’s take a brief look back at how, once again, the GOP is adept at securing power but outright stupid in keeping it.

Locally, the GOP-controlled State Senate is the case in point.  It was remarkably similar to the US Senate now, and the RINOs running it lost control of the Senate for the exact same reasons it’s possible for these same types of politicians to lose control of the US Senate.

“Republicanism” is SUPPOSED to MEAN SOMETHING.

Here’s a partial list of what it meant to the scum running the State Senate since 2015.

It meant the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state’s history… without asking us, of course.

It meant unnecessarily caving to the 9 black-robed dwarfs across the street with a resulting unneeded addition of BILLIONS of dollars to the worthless education plant, the union teacher scum, and the WEA.

It meant cheaper drivers licenses for illegal aliens (and more expensive licenses for American citizens, when illegals shouldn’t be allowed to get any licenses for anything.)

It meant a resurrection of the hated and despised I-5 Bridge replacement scam, instead of working towards the better and cheaper solution of additional bridges, one each to the west and one to the east… instead, vaporizing billions and sucking all the money up for THOSE needed transportation solutions instead of the corruption of ramming light rail down our throats.

It meant allowing illegal aliens to get student aid, further dividing up a far-too-small pot as it is and depriving AMERICAN CITIZENS of taxpayer dollars THEY deserve.

It meant authorizing local dens of corruption like Vancouver and Battle Ground to ram tab fee increases down the throats of their citizens… without asking them. (Remember the $30 tab fee Initiative, I-695?  The year 1999 was particularly a good one...)

It meant implementing the first income tax in this state’s history, the .4% tax everyone has to pay to BEGIN to cover the cost of paid family leave.

That’s just the start, of course.  And if I had the money I totally would be suing their asses off, since this tax is an obvious violation of the state constitution prohibiting such taxes without a vote of the people.

It’s meant allowing sanctuary cities where leftists just piss on the law whenever it suits them.

To be a Republican is SUPPOSED to be, at a minimum, different from democrats.  On the issues that matter to us, it means that votes have to be made on principle and not on orders from special interests who buy you outright, like Sen. Ann “Gas Tax/Pot Head” Rivers has been bought outright… hired by a democrat campaign firm while she was “negotiating” our fiscal rape with the democrats and the WEA… and then while she was lying to us about what a great deal that was and how our property taxes are going to go down as a result.

In fact, her RINO sidekick, Sen. Lynda Wilson (D-Tracy) GUARANTEED it.

Of course, by now, those paying attention know that our property taxes are set to explode.  The state portion of the property taxes will shoot up into the stratosphere thanks to the two RINO scum and the others who’ve sold us out… in fact, here are the names of the so-called “Republicans” who voted to bend us over and ram it ALL the way into our wallets:



NONE of them should be reelected.  And NO candidate who supported their vote (You listening, Hoff?) or their votes to screw us on the gas tax should be sent up there.

And all of the upcoming tax increases here locally are in ADDITION to the tax increases my moronic brother-in-law and his 3 Stooges have rammed down our throats in the form of yet ANOTHER 3% increase (over the last 2 years) in our property taxes.  Also, for those unfortunates living in Battle Ground and Vancouver, they're in addition to the tab fees the city councils have ripped out of their wallets.

It’s not like I didn’t warn you this was going to happen if these clowns were elected.  It was obvious.  A blind squirrel could see it in a minute.

And equally obvious is the reality that the failure of the RINO scum to vote like Republicans is what cost them control of the State Senate.

And that’s the crux of the matter:  There’s no point in giving these Houses to fake democrats when the real thing is available.  The record I’ve provided above is despicable.  It’s harmed many who simply cannot afford the variety of government that RINOs at any level of would want us to have.

At the federal level, the leftists are at LEAST as confident that they retake both Houses as they were confident that Hillary Clinton would be our president.

How’d that work out for them?

In the Senate, we’re losing at least two RINO scum, Flake and McCain, who you can bet aren’t being treated at the Phoenix VA for his cancer.  And why do you suppose that is?

Flake is a political moron who isn’t running for reelection because one of my spaniels outpolled him in Arizona.

But the number one thing these scum were sent up there to do was to get rid of Obamacare.  And have they done that?

Local RINO chieftain Brent Boger assured me that once the GOP controlled all 3 branches of government, it would be a snap.  How's that worked out for us?  I suppose he was as right about that as he was that Clinton would win the presidential election with 300 electoral votes.

And how did our utterly worthless coward of a congresswoman, who even lacks the guts… or is just too lazy… to face us on a regular basis since it intrudes on her social schedule... vote on getting rid of that cancer around our necks?

Why, stunningly enough, she was a “no.”  She voted to continue to enslave us to Obama's cancer.

I guess that sort of thing is what happens when you elect an empty suit who mails it in year after year.

And where is her transportation plan to resolve the issues confronting us here on the cross-river roadblocks?


That said, we have a GOP-controlled Congress that had passed Obamacare repeal dozens of times.  But as it turns out, they only did it because they knew Obama would veto it.

Yes, they did pass a watered-down version of tax reform.  But even that has only resulted in a slight uptick in the economy, because while everyone is WOWED by the pay increases and bonuses… no one is talking about our increasing deficit.

That’s right.  We’re now at around $21 trillion.  

Because even though we have record amounts of revenue piling up… we’ve got record amounts of spending to go with it.  And that just goes to show: Tax reform without spending reform is, ultimately, worthless.

And these “record amounts of spending?”

They’re happening on the GOP’s watch.

The hardcore Establishment types will begin to run around like headless chickens, clucking that the end will be here if the democrats take control of anything.

Well, when your RINOs are VOTING like democrats…. What’s the damned difference?

In the upcoming election, I will not be voting for any government official who does not respond to their constituents.

I won’t vote for any member of any government who lied to get elected, lied to stay elected, or who ignores their constituencies and/or votes for the special interests who own them.  I will vote against anyone endorsed by Sen. Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers, liar extraordinaire, who will only support sock puppets who won’t disagree with her on anything… and who will follow her RINO tenets of politics.

These means I will be voting AGAINST most county officials in office.  I will also be voting against Brandon Vick (Representative in the 18th District) because of his support of resurrecting the CRC scam… and against Larry Hoff, a Rivers RINO candidate puppet who fails to respect constituents he disagrees with.

I will oppose each and every RINO on the county council since they have yet to meet a tax or fee increase they didn’t like.  I will PARTICULARLY vote against my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, who is so incompetent that the Public Disclosure Commission has permanently banned him… or any family member… from running his own campaign finances.

So, yea… we have an incompetent running government around here (Boldt) who also managed to successfully make $5000 from his 2012 campaign (The one he lost to Madore) simply disappear.

Odd how he could do that with a watchdog agency like the PDC breathing down his neck.

We have officials who lied about their politics to get elected… Olson, Blom, Stuart, Kimsey, Rivers, Wilson… or lied to GET elected… Scott Weber, for example.  We have those who’ve sold us out… Rivers, Wilson, Vick, Hoff, Harris… and others.

The ignorant… or those too blind to know or care will continue to vote for the “R” label, no matter how big the liar in front of it happens to be.

I expect that the election season coming up will see brutality unknown in politics in either this century... or the last.  I expect there will be riots. I expect even more blood will be spilled.  I expect democrat flying squads, first popularized in Soviet politics, will physically assault supporters of candidates they don't happen to like with greater damage and intimidation as their goal.

I expect that character assassination will rule the day.  I expect RINO contingents will be even more savage in their treatment and lack of support for conservatives than the democrats.  I expect there will be even more fake claims against GOP candidates, ala Moore and Mr. Trump.

And I expect that to happen more and more and more until such time as the average voters decide they've had enough and then proceeds to hold those guilty accountable.

As for me, I wish I didn’t know any of this.  I wish I lived in the cocoon of ignorance where most voters reside.  I wish that liars didn’t piss me off.  I wish I could just live what’s left of my life leaving these inconvenient truths to others.

But that isn’t me and that’s why I’m here. SOMEBODY has to tell you, reader.  Someone must remind you who these people are and what they really do... mostly to us.

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