Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Still think Ann Rivers is a Republican? Guess again. "Training for long-term care providers" about "LGBTQ" garbage.

Over the past few years, our own Senator here in the 18th, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, has been voting more like infamous democrat former Sen. Ed Murray than the "Republican" Rivers claims to be.

Here's another example:

Rivers is cosponsoring yet another gay rights bill (How many more than us do they need?) that requires "training for long-term care providers on the needs of the LGBTQ population."

Training?  Or indoctrination?

What different needs do gays and so forth happen to need in long-term care that the rest of us don't already get?

Is the plumbing of the so-called "LGBTQ" population any different?  Do they eat differently?  Drink differently?  Require any different care than anyone else in long-term care?

Nope.  But RIVERS thinks the caregivers need "cultural competency training."

How very... Republican... of her.

Here's the list of sponsors.  With the exception of Rivers, every sponsor of this bill is a democrat.

SB 5700 - 2017-18
Requiring training for long-term care providers on the needs of the LGBTQ population.
Suppose Rivers thinks there should be special training for, say, vegetarians?  What about gay amputees?  What about, say, Seahawks fans?

Look: we all know Rivers has been a fake Republican for years.  But between this, her efforts to recruit candidates to run against conservatives, her sock puppet Hoff and her hatred for Republicans generally and her votes to screw us out of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes... given her record, isn't it time she quit screwing around and switched parties?

Since she acts, talks, walks and VOTES like a democrat... why continue to lie about who you really are?

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