Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Arresting Sanctuary City leaders? Of course!

Yesterday, it was announced that leaders of the separatist "sanctuary city, county, state" movement could be subject to arrest... at least, that option is being "explored."

I'll believe it when I see it, of course, but you want to see a crap-filled movement collapse?  Imagine the shots of these governors (especially the clueless idiot running THIS state) mayors, city council and chief of police types getting processed, mug shots and fingerprinted.

These leftists have a big mouth.  Breaking the law on a variety of issues, from being a slave to pot interests (Rivers) to being a clown... a partisan hack... on federal issues where they have zero legal say... like, for example, "Sanctuary Cities."

We CAN address the matter of illegals, easily, by ending the illegal alien destination resort we've set up here.

End their ability to own property of any kind.  End their ability to be licensed for anything.  End their attendance at schools.  End any welfare or social security benefit. Make it illegal to rent to, well, illegals. End any assistance of any kind for anything, save for emergency medical care that would stabilize them enough for deportation.  Permanently ban any illegal from ever coming back to this country for anything.  Fine each country of origin $10 million for each illegal deported... force THEM to put some skin in the game.

Relatively simple approach.  Easily implemented.

Because here's the thing: we either want to end the illegal alien problem or we don't.  Ending this sanctuary city masquerade and implementing these laws would pretty much get us there.

Doing what we're doing now?

Not so much.

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