Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Columbian continues to sit on Boldt PDC take down.

Regular readers of this blog know two things:

The rag will not print negative stories about those they like... meaning they self-censor the news they make known against those they like... such as the recent Public Disclosure Commission's decision to hit my clueless brother-in-law in the head with a political club.

But if you DON'T read this blog, then you wouldn't know that the clown chairing the county commission, the Crain-inspired fake Republican that has screwed this county sideways,  can no longer control his own campaigns and can no longer use family members to do his PDC's.

The irony of that is obvious.

Lefty Lou Brancaccio's hatred of Madore drove him, in these matters, to make even the filing of unproven claims against David Madore big news.

When the complaints were unfounded... as I believe all of them were?

Not so much.

But HERE, we have a complaint that WAS founded.  And here, we have a PDC file that was falsified by Boldt's deliberate decision to hide $5000 from his campaign account.... $5000 that remains unaccounted for since, even though Boldt proved HE didn't take the money that he claimed in his false filing that he DID take, the PDC has refused to show where that money DID go.

So, if you were to go to Boldt's 2012 filings in expenditures, even today, you would STILL see that he paid himself $5000 which he claimed in front of the PDC that he did not DO.

He has not filed and amended C4 Expenditure form to explain where the money went, and the PDC refuses to force him to file an Amended C4 actually wound up.

As of this writing, anyone reviewing his records would STILL see that Boldt ripped off his campaign for $5000 as if he DID take the money.

And what has the Columbian printed about this?


Because when Lefty likes you?

He likes you.  And meanwhile, he babbles about the "freedom of the press."

If the name on this file was "Madore" instead of "Boldt," we'd never hear the end of it.


We don't hear of it at all.

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