Wednesday, March 15, 2017

As expected, the RINOs are sticking it to us. Right, Brent?

Literally for years, I've been hammering the reality that RINOs are the worst of the worst of us politically.

I've been demanding answers as have many of us, as to what the hell the difference is between those slime and the democrats.

The answer is, of course, none.

I've been asking since we took back the House: when are they going to do something?  When is it going to make a difference?

I was told: well, we've got to get the Senate.  THEN we can do something.

I've been asking since we took back the Senate: when are they going to do something?  When is it going to make a difference?

They passed repeal bills.  They got at least one to Obama's desk.  And then the FINAL piece fell into place... the election of Donald Trump.

I was told: well, we've got to get the White House.  THEN we can do something.

And we were told that because THAT'S what the establishment RINOs wanted us to believe.

Here we sit.  ALL of the pieces are in place.

Well, the GOP had 6 years to plan a repeal.  They had 2.5 months to get the choreography ready.

Clearly, they've done nothing.  All of which begs the issue: why didn't they just rerun the last version of repeal?

Because all of the efforts during Obama were eyewash... the major confusion of motion... with action.

The RINOs were gaming us.  They never intended to repeal, let alone "replace" (which they should not do anyway) They lied to get elected and they've lied to stay elected.  The RINOs at the national level are exactly the same as the RINOs at the local level: democrats in GOP clothing.

Isn't it odd that the behavior of our local RINOs and their betrayal of those who elected them so closely matche the behavior of those at the national level?

NONE of these people ran on a platform that indicated they were going to tell those of us who believed in them enough to give them our vote too, in effect, drop dead.

NONE of them ran on a platform that looked like Annette Cleveland wrote it.

But then, with Rivers, she lied from the getgo anyway, so her caving was to be expected.  After all, she's gotten really good at it and it's only cost us $700 million... so far.

Meanwhile, the RINORyan House fiddles while the GOP burns.

I have never voted for Herrera because she stands as an example of the very thing we detest.

She's been silent because her only purpose in life is to get reelected.  She says nothing and does nothing... because that's what political cowards do.  She wants us to forget all about her efforts to trash Trump and to join with the two democrat senators from this state who trashed him as well.

Trump, of course, no doubt has a list of who's been naughty and who's been nice.  Guess which list that worthless troll is on?

So, the next time any of us curse our Ryan, remember our own worthless facade of a congresswoman,  remember who voted for her.  And then remember this:

If we want change, it has to start here.

And that doesn't mean voting for those who jump through the establishment hoops like they breathe so they can stay in office.

Nor does it mean voting for those who sell us out or lie to us.

Try and remember that the next time you've got a ballot in front of you.

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Pete Masterson said...

Are we EVER going to get some candidates that are worth something -- to replace the RINOS ?