Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rachel Maddow's destruction of the left: zero credibility remains.

Wow.  Talk about an "own goal."

The left remains shell-shocked over what I felt would be the inevitable victory of Donald Trump... and since the basis for leftist thought these days is pure hatred mixed with hypocrisy, we get the kind of insanity exhibited by Rachel Maddow.

Maddow serves as exhibit one:  Take a quick look at her stupidity, pre-election... if you can stomach it.

And then, of course, was the stupidity of Trump's tax returns.

It was a great... albeit false... meme for these leftists.

It was a thing of beauty.

Strategically, it was masterful.  The left was focused on Trump's tax returns like a kitten to a laser pointer.

And it got them nowhere.

But it pulled them completely off message... while simultaneously enabling the fringe-left to continue to do what they do best: engage in rhetorical political assassination since facts are meaningless to their objective... ineffective as it usually is after you've beaten that dead horse into beef jerky.

Politics is like football or even pitching in baseball.

In football, you keep running the same play until the other team figures out a way to stop it.

In baseball, if you keep throwing fastballs, the other team will insist on parking them in the bleachers.

What you DON'T do is continue running the same play that fails over and over.  And while these leftists certainly found this lie to be self-invigorating... just another arrow in their empty quiver of fake arrows... they failed to understand that nobody cared.

In an election of issues, Hillary insisted on doubling down on those issues where the people of this country were in disagreement.

Leftists do that sort of thing.  You need look no farther than the local county council ignoring us... or the local fake Republicans ignoring us... to get a snapshot of Hillary's campaign when it comes to listening... and implementing the will of the people.

Since the leftist meme is built on hate and hypocrisy (Check out the C3G2 hate site on facebook for a prime example) and they are still in shell-shocked disbelief, the dangling of the tax-return was as irresistible as a Twinkie at a fat farm.

And Maddow bit it.


Did Trump make that client copy available?

Who knows?

But whoever did it was a political god in the strategic sense.  The plan was brilliantly conceived and finding a tool like Maddow to execute it?


It makes the left look idiotic to even the most detached layman.

Maddow has single-handily crippled the left.  And she did it all for the greater glory of Maddow.

You know it's bad when her fellow leftists... who recognize what the same reality... beat her to a pulp for her idiocy.

But it's not just her fault, as stupid as it was to show that Trump paid $38 million in taxes for one year in 2005... it was more stupid that the haters at MSNBC actually let her run with it.

Don't they have any adults there?

Couldn't they see what the outcome was going to be?

Couldn't they wrap their heads around what the impacts would be of releasing these forms... the impacts to their own cause?

They... THEY... provided instant credibility to President Trump, and they did it to the audience that hates Trump the most.

They destroyed the lamestream media's meme that they repeated incessantly concerning the President avoiding paying ANY taxes.

Demobots won't care, of course.  But there aren't nearly enough of them to make a difference.

But left-leaning "independents" that may have a functioning brain synapse have got to be wondering:  What else are they lying to us about?

Because they must know that it can't be limited to just this single issue.  And for those who can actually think... the seed of doubt has been planted.

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