Friday, January 26, 2018

Rivers feeling the heat? Wilson votes to betray us... again... by funding illegal alien tuition.

It was bad enough that the fake Republicans voted to screw us with a so-called state level "Dream Act" in 2014, the "Real Hope Act" that was the first bill to allow taxpayers to support illegals who shouldn't even be here, let alone be funded because they ARE here... will now likely be joined with another leftist effort, a bill that would:
"...make students who have been here for at least three years before earning a state high-school diploma eligible for College Bound, a scholarship program for low-income Washington students."
So, naturally, I was interested in how our two local RINO senators voted.

After all, particularly on the issues that really matter, the Bobbsey Twins are as likely to vote leftist/democrat as sunrise.

So, when I checked on the roll call and saw that Sen. Lynda Wilson (D-Tracy) had sold us out... again... it wasn't terribly surprising.

But imagine my surprise when I discovered that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers was a no!

These two vote like they're connected at the skull.

So, why on earth would Rivers suddenly vote like she's both a Republican AND actually representing THIS district?

What happened?  Think she might be feeling it?

Sadly, it's far too late.  Several hundred million dollars too late.  Years of ignoring the voters of her district too late. 

But it does make me wonder: why would she be a "no" on this... when her betrayals have cost the people Clark County hundreds of millions more as a result?

I mean, why play like what this district thinks matters when so often in the past, it hasn't made any difference to Rivers at all?

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