Friday, January 26, 2018

Davey Gellatly confirms lame effort to get Boldt back into the GOP brand.

Think Gellatly has changed?

Not at all.

The nonsense of Boldt's censorship magically disappearing because of party elections aside, (It does remain in effect even now, Davey Delete's lies to the contrary notwithstanding) it's clear that with the infestation of the fake Republican outfit of Carolyn Crain, who Gellatly USED to beat like a drum when he was feeding me information about her (if nothing else, Davey IS a huge hypocrite) that they are doing all they can to get Boldt to come out of the fringe-left closet he's been hiding in and reassume his fake GOP brand.

Part of that is based on this insanity:
Screen capture from the moronic GOP web site
Notice how whenever any other Non-Republican is running for re-election, they've got that cute little (R candidate needed) label under their name?

Do you see that under Marc Boldt's name? I mean, he's renounced the GOP as much as the GOP has renounced him.  And besides that scumbag fake Republican outfit that Crain ran against actual conservatives, Boldt is endorsed by the fringe-left Young Democrats...

So why doesn't that little label appear under HIS name?

Add that to Boldt being a GOP "guest" at Davey Delete's little coffee klatch that made cabfare around the end of the year, and it makes you wonder.

But here's the cherry on the top of that little sundae:

I asked Gellatly directly on the "Clark County Republican Group" page that I had been added to, why Boldt wasn't labeled as "needing an R candidate."  And the following were his idiotic responses. These, of course, are the kind of answers that make it clear that first, Gellatly himself is the one I'm making look like a fool... again... and second, his refusal to answer the question, instead, immediately falling back into his usual full-on attack mode... actually answers the question more directly than a yes or a no.

In Davey's case, if you're smart enough to disagree with that moron, his response is to immediately attack YOU, since he has nothing to justify or explain his positions.

CLEARLY, the plan is to get Boldt to run under the R label.  That's going to be a tough one, given all the tap-dancing my idiot brother-in-law did last time he ran when he started out, he claimed, as a "conservative Republican," which then morphed into a "MODERATE conservative Republican" (Kinda like being a FEMALE male) and finally, an Independent when he figured out he was going to get zero support from the non-RINO GOP... which he won't get this time, either.

On top of everything else, as I predicted, this idiot raised every tax, every fee AND once again came out swinging for the CRC/Loot Rail I-5 Bridge replacement scam.  Who didn't see THAT coming?  And how is that any different than his leftist/democrat opponent would have been?

Anyway, having pointed out the incompetence of listing Doug Lasher as a Republican on the GOP website...

Kinda typical for the morons running the show now, they actually made the needed changes...and suddenly, it went from this:

The "Before" I slapped Davey around screen capture.

To this:

The after
Yes, Lasher is now identified as a democrat, needing an (R candidate).

Unlike Boldt.

Who, Boldt claims, is NOT a Republican but who, even so, apparently doesn't need a Republican challenger.

Imagine the embarrassment.  Imagine what Carolyn Crain would do.  After lying for Boldt repeatedly when they were campaigning against the only Republican in the race, imagine how this fake Republican RINO PCO would have to react if a Republican DID announce against Boldt?

After all, the only announced Republican against Boldt when that coffee klatch took place wasn't even invited.  So, in a precursor to the actual election coming up, the scum running the GOP sent the announced Republican candidate the message that they were GOING TO SUPPORT BOLDT... even though Boldt wasn't/isn't a Republican.

Otherwise, why was he invited at no cost to show up?

There.  See how hideous these clowns are?

No matter.  Here's the little chat I had with Davey Delete using screen captures while it was happening.  Because Davey is SUCH a lying scumbag, it's always best to screen capture anything you get from him while it's happening.  You know, so it makes it that much more difficult for that slimeball to deny he's said what he's said... as he so frequently does... even when he's sober.

I have to comment on this "conservative grassroots" lie out of the gate.

There is absolutely nothing "conservative" about any of these scum.

Conservatives don't jack up our gas tax $700 million dollars.  They don't sell out to the WEA for $5.5 BILLION causing our property taxes to explode.  They don't recruit RINOs to run against conservatives.  They don't vote to support illegal aliens.  Those items, are in fact, what democrats do.

Why Davey Delete, an EXTREMELY accomplished liar of some renown, insists on using this label is obvious.  With his Nazi mindset of course, he's going to sign on to that "if you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, it becomes the truth" bullshit.  But the LAST thing the local GOP cancer wants to do is to "empower the conservative grassroots of Clark County."

Anyhow, the question is simple enough.  The idiocy known as the CCGOP website confirms that.

But Davey's playground, gutless response?  That's vintage Gellatly.

This guy INSISTS on walking DIRECTLY into ANY fan you hold up in front of him.

"Lying scum gossip monkeys."

This from a hypocrite that used to feed me information about his now Gunga Din, Carolyn Crain, to hammer her like a nail on my blog?

Why, Davey... tsk, tsk.

This guy's record is a nightmare.  His failure to respond to the AG's lawsuit led to a default judgment being entered because he didn't even respect the Court enough to walk into the courtroom.

But then, given his many experiences in front of a judge, I can see why.


He has "not been called out?"  I've been calling this scumbag out for MONTHS.  I've been beating him like a gong.  It's like he lives in an alternative universe where reality can't coexist with him.

His failure to answer... or explain... or even acknowledge the name "Boldt" speaks volumes.

Clearly, there were only two reasons why he refused to answer.

The obvious one is that I'm right.  He HATES that I'm right, but I typically AM right while he, OTOH, is typically wrong.  I'm sure he's checked out a few bridges to jump off over THAT, rhetorically speaking.

Or the other reason is I'm wrong, and he's just too much of a punk to explain it.

What else can it be?

Here's the irony of it all.

One has to wonder: if I am what he claims... then why did HE, Gellatly, feed me information about certain people when he wanted them smacked down?

Where have those 1.25 million page views come from?

And if nobody cares what I've got to say... then why is this psycho so very angry at me?

I mean, I'm hardly worth it... if he's right.

Get some help, Davey.  Alcohol can really screw you up. And your mental condition makes you a danger to yourself, dooder.

Clearly, you're unfit to be a 3rd-grade hall monitor, let alone the incompetent tool of a county chair you've morphed into.

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