Thursday, August 04, 2016

Question to ponder: why doesn't it matter to the democratian that Marc Boldt took $5000 from his 2012 campaign account?

I was reminded of that when my brother-in-law felt compelled to text me last night to rub in Madore's defeat.

He's been blocked by Verizon from texting me, so I guess that the next step is a restraining order.

So, using a spoof number, he dropped this crap on me late last night:

I've been hearing about Boldt's bizarre behavior, his inexplicable arrogance and rudeness...  the kind of thing the democrats and their RINO allies love to see in action when the target is a conservative. 

This isn't the first time this idiot has engaged in this sort of thing.  Last time, it involved his violation of texting while driving laws... yet another topic the democratian refuses to mention.

In any event, Boldt enjoys his keyboard cowardice... and I enjoy pointing it out to the world.

THIS is what the clowns who supported this idiot for any elective office have brought us.  THIS is what those who wanted the charter so badly demanded.

And that brings me to this question: why has the democratian sat on Boldt's illegal removal of $5000 from his 2012 campaign account been kept quiet?

Anyone can see it.

Go to the PDC's. Click on "Browse." Put in 2012.  Then, click on "search database."  Click on "candidates."  Go to "local candidates," put in 2012.  Go to page 6 at the bottom of the page and click on "details" for Boldt's PDC's, 2nd from the top of the page.

Above the list of contributors is a line that reads (Cash contributions (Inkind Contributions (Anonymous (Personal (Loans (Miscellaneous (Small Contributions

Here's a screen capture:

See where, under "(Loans" it says "$0.00"?

OK... stay with me now:

Above the header is a listing with 4 links.  One of those listings is "Expenditures."

The 4th item entered is Boldt taking $5000 out of his campaign, to repay a loan... that he never made.

Needless to say, this kind of thing is completely illegal.

I've written about it before, but Boldt's democrat and RINO supporters don't care that it seems he ripped off $5 large from his campaign account.

But that kind of corruption matters.  

And if it was any kind of conservative, these hypocrites would be all over it.

And Marc, keep your psychotic texts to yourself.

Because the next time you contact me in ANY way, you'll be in front of a judge to answer for it.

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