Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The good of the primary election

Last night was the latest iteration of the democrat return to power (and make no mistake about it: there's no leftist altruism in what's going on around here. The democrats are using the RINOs to cull the herd. And then, they'll get rid of the RINOs. Simple, really.) and it didn't go exactly as planned.

They, of course, expected every conservative candidate to be destroyed in the election. Those who made it through will now face the same kind (and money) of attacks David Madore has experienced as the RINO tools shift their focus to getting the democrats who lost to conservatives, elected.

That is, after all, what this is all about.

At the national level, the RINO scum are supporting Hillary; our local version are supporting anyone not a conservative and the upcoming general election. There is zero reason to believe that these same tools will continue to oppose conservatives, using a variety of bogus, moronic excuses (chief among them: they were supported by Madore) to continue to inflict their view of destruction on the local GOP.

Naturally, any RINO defeat is what's best for the people anywhere: there's no point in electing a fake democrat to anything when the real thing is available right now.

First, to start with the RINO failures.

Jennifer McDaniel lost.

And that’s a good thing.

One of the more important aspects of “representative government” is located in the first word: “representative.”

To me, that precludes going off the reservation and doing what YOU, as the representative voice of the people, want to do… people be damned.

Regular readers of this blog already are well-advised of perhaps the worst betrayal by an elected official in regional political history when Sen. Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers voted for the gas tax and tab fee increases she had explicitly pledged to oppose as a major part of her 2012 campaign for the Senate.

Her decision to betray us all and break her word has destroyed any respect I ever had for her. Not to mention the relationship our family had with her and hers for the last decade because of her situational ethics and her ability to justify her betrayals by classifying them as “business decisions” as if that sort of thing warranted lying to the people of her district… or justified the imposition of a $700 million bill that costs each and every citizen of Clark County in excess of $1500 to pay off; so King County can finish their worthless, years-behind, already-late-and-over-budget bogus tunnel to replace the Alaska Way Viaduct along the waterfront of Seattle.

Jennifer is a nice person. But her politics (imagine describing yourself as a “moderate conservative,” as if such a thing existed) made her the ideal tool of the left.

Her history of voting against the people of this county while on the CTran board was very attractive to the dem/RINO contingent, which is why they talked her into this foolishness... it resulted in her development as yet another leftist tool, not unlike the other leftist tools who would do the bidding of and vote as if there were a D after their name… much like the 3 Stooges who currently run the county council and certainly like RINO Johnny Bloom will.

I asked McDaniel months ago where, if or how she would have ever voted differently than the Stooges. Like her RINO counterpart, Blom, she never answered the question… except to the extent that failing to answer the question actually WAS an answer.

And that answer?

“No where.”

Why vote for a clown who will vote as if they were interchangeable with a democrat opponent? Why vote for a Julie Olsen/Chuckie Green Clone who would just be another leftist voice on the council?

Why get the fake democrat, McDaniel, when the real thing is available?

This time, I voted for Quiring. I likely will not do so in the future, given her recent tribal proclivities, as I have already determined that I will never vote for anyone who takes money from the Cowlitz mafia types infesting us.

That said, I determined that I would also vote against anyone the RINOs support… or their democrat handlers tell them to support… and in the general, that likely means I will be voting for Battan if he ever comes out swinging against the Tribe.

But all that’s beside the point.

Sending out a mailer where Boldt and Rivers endorsed her was likely the death knell. Getting a democratian endorsement probably didn't help.

The outcome serves her and her handlers right.

Next up is political whack job Carolyn Crain.

Her pathetic effort ended the way I told her it would when she stupidly assured us that with Moeller leaving for his suicide mission, becoming our next Lieutenant Governor, she, Crain, would be elected in his place.

She had no chance. None. I said as much.

And she didn't disappoint.

Crain is among the biggest tools for the left; personally doing more damage and creating more division than anyone else who became a candidate.

Her childish, losing, hissy fits were the stuff of legend. Her typically worthless 18% of the vote, while higher than I expected, was right in line with her screwed up politics.

This was her 3rd attempt at stupidity.

Maybe, just maybe, she’ll get the message and take up gardening since she’s got zero future in politics.

Next, Shane Bowman, the candidate Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers recruited to run against Rep. Liz Pike.

I have no idea why either Rivers or Bowman thought this would be a good idea.

Pike actually represented her district by voting against the Rivers gas tax. Rivers' effort here was to punish her for it.

Rivers; who went on to lie, repeatedly, about WHY she betrayed us, got the tiniest bit upset that Pike loudly opposed Rivers’ gas tax scam… so her response was to go get someone to run against Pike: Shane Bowman, former Battle Ground mayor and current city councilman, wrongly believed that because BG got thrown a bone by Rivers’ Rip Off, the entire district would just fall to its knees and beg Bowman to continue to support Rivers’ pattern of taxing us without asking us… for example, his bizarre plan to “fund education” by ramming a 15% sales tax through on food.

When I heard him say that, I honestly wondered if someone had kidnapped his family.

This is the 18th District, arguably one of the most conservative in the state.

The district was solidly opposed to Rivers’ scam, yet Bowman stupidly made Pike’s vote to represent the district on that rip off as the center-piece of his campaign… such as it was.

The end result?

Bowman got hammered like a nail. And hopefully, that will carry over to his next election…and the people of BG will get rid of him and his bizarre, "who cares what the people want?" attitude altogether.

Next, Lynda Wilson.

As this is written, Wilson is losing to Tim Probst, local neo-communist.

Will she stay down to Probst? There's usually a right break on late votes (Which is why democrats and RINOs want votes received after election day to get trashed instead of counted) so she might catch up, but with the low turnout... who knows?

Either way, the damage caused by the Wilson clan here locally; as, for example, one of the shills behind my moronic brother-in-law's election as county chair, disqualifies her from election.

The increase we're going to experience on property taxes can be directly connected to Wilson and those like her.

Given the GOP Senate's betrayals on us on everything from caving on the state level Dream Act to their corruption on the gas tax/tab fee increases, it really doesn't matter who controls the Senate anyway... so at this point, a loss by Wilson would be no great loss... and it might teach her a lesson.

Jerry Oliver got clocked in the 17.

Like Bowman, he couldn't get any traction... or cash... so his RINO-ism was, properly, buried.

RINO-in-Chief Brent Boger did his best to label his establishment buds before the election... He supported McDaniel, Crain, Bowman, Oliver, Harris and Blom.

Fortunately, he was dead wrong in 4 of the 6, so far... as, luckily, his support of McDaniel, Crain, Bowman and Oliver led to the desired result in their races... specifically, their defeat.

For now, anyway, it appears that Boger has again decided he is GOP... until he throws his next hissy-fit and quits again... and he became a PCO.

That, of course, is just another step in the RINO effort to take control of the party back from Conservatives... since, given his abysmal record of supporting candidates we all know he bring that skill set into the party so he and Crain can run their wrecking ball.

Clearly, Boger knows as much about Madore's "baggage" as he does brain surgery.

Tomorrow, the bad of the primary election.

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