Thursday, August 04, 2016

The bad of the primary election

For me, there are three major areas of concern over this outcome.

1.  This shows that when properly coordinated, any conservative can be culled from the herd and, at a minimum, be replaced by a left-leaning RINO.

2.  Local RINOs would sell their own children to resume power in the local GOP.  They're so focused on being in control that they're too stupid to understand how they're being used.  And, as they go along and remove conservatives from elected positions, when the democrats come after them... and they will... they'll be whining and sniveling that they're not getting any support.

3.  The Cowlitz will be attempting to take over government using their checkbooks... much like they've done in the past.

4.  Trunout

The worst outcome here wasn't necessarily the defeat of David Madore.  I support Madore because the alternatives... a RINO named Blom and the success of the democrat strategy (Divide and conquer at its finest) were unthinkable.

There have been times when I've taken Madore to task on this blog.  But the mistakes he made were not the variety which were based on anything but good intentions.

The problem here is that we all know what the road to hell is paved with; and this is an example of that.

The RINOs hooked up with the democrats and their money to take Madore out.  We all remember that interesting picture of Lying Lefty Lou and Brent "RINO" Boger at the coordinating RINO/democratian barbeque, for example.  A few years back, Lefty was going to roll over Boger in an editorial until his fellow leftists, BS Morris and Craig Pridemore smacked Lefty around to get him to leave poor little Brent alone.

The democratian provided the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars in anti-Madore political advertising in the form of incessant character assassination and the RINOs added their money to that of democrat philanthropist David Nirenberg, who has been extremely helpful in the divide and conquer strategy obviously at play here... with the ultimate goal of the removal of local Republicans from elective office generally... and conservatives particularly, an act area RINOs are all too happy to assist.

Madore, for his part, engaged in the most lackluster campaign I've ever seen around here considering the assets he had available.  For my part, I advised him not to run when I saw him at the local GOP convention before he got up and announced his candidacy.  I told him that the only thing worse than him losing would be him winning... because as bad as it's been for him, his life would become a living hell if he ran.

There would be, I told him, no lie about him, no exaggeration about him, no twisting of the facts they wouldn't use: RINOs for their hatred of being out of power and democrats for the part Madore played in killing their idiotic CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Leftists and RINOs, such as my moronic brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, are convinced that I was somehow involved in Madore's campaign.

Well, my only involvement was voting for him to try and keep that body-stepper Blom from launching his political career on our backs.

I was not involved in ANY campaign this cycle.  I have retired from all of that and will never, ever engage in that sort of thing again.

What this is, then, was a coordinated effort to single out one person... Madore... focus everything on him... and the purpose of that was to silence his supporters and defeat any other conservative running.

Boger, for example, stupidly tried to drum up opposition to what he referred to as "Madore/insurgents" which was anyone that may have been a recipient of anything that even looked like Madore's support.

Of the 6 races he babbled about, the hated "Madore/Insurgent" made it through to the general in 4 of them.  Four of Brent's pet RINOs were defeated.

Blom's win is a loss for us all.  He's an arrogant, ambitious, "smartest-guy-in-the-room" type who will blend seamlessly in with the 3 Stooges as he uses this as a platform for his political career, no matter how many bodies he steps on in the process.

Think of him as a brand new Second Lieutenant with a hero complex.

He won't answer questions that he doesn't like.  He is, in fact, all about him... and screw us.

He represents the worst in politics.  And I will never vote for him or anyone like him.

Local RINOs simply don't get how they're being used in this cycle as they were used in the last cycle.

In time, it will become clear to them... but it's obvious to anyone with a political brain of a gnat that what's happening here is that the Bogers of the world are being manipulated by those MUCH smarter than they are and, as a result, we will all suffer for it.

Every time the Stooges pass a tax increase... or a fee increase... or increase our regulatory burden... those foolish enough to have supported Boldt or Blom, for example, will bear as much responsibility for that outcome as those who cast the votes that screwed us.

It makes it easy to clean up my "I ain't votin' for them" list.

Unfortunately, it's a list that gets bigger by the day.

And, as I've pointed out in the past, the Cowlitz will become the biggest players of all down here in a county where none of them even live.

David Barnett, for example, lives a little bit north of here.  He lives in Shoreline... 178 miles from where I sit.

But his money will live down here.  And he's already spreading it around like cancer.

And I will never vote for anyone taking any tribal money.

In the past, Barnett has spent tens of thousands of dollars in local races, supporting Steve Stuart and Pam Brokaw, twice... once against Tom Mielke and once against Richard Curtis.

Upcoming races will be no different as the Cowlitz mafia types do their best to get the best government their money can buy.  And we will pick up the tab for the inevitable increases for social services in everything from school expansion to massive increases of I-5 traffic from Portland to low income housing to major increases in gambling addiction/embezzlement issues... because the Cowlitz don't have to pay for any of it.

When people become concerned about the low turnout, as I already pointed out, it's because people have come to believe that what they want doesn't matter... that, in fact, voting has become a waste of time and that those in office don't listen to us... so why bother.

For me, turnout is just a number.

Yes, it was pretty pathetic.

Yet, are the votes of 100,000 uninformed, ignorant partisan hacks more important than the votes of 10,000 people who have looked into the issues, have a basic knowledge of the candidates (to the extent that candidates tell them anything about what they plan) and are willing to take the time to put a ballot together?

I know where I stand on that.  Where you stand is up to you.


Philip Haggerty said...

It is so sad to think that John Blom considers he won. He needs to know the democrats that endorsed him bought the race for him. You're beholding John, they'll be calling to collect! Your conservative constituents want to know why you have no intention of speaking for us.

Christian Berrigan said...

If the dem is against the corrupt cabal, that might be a better outcome than Blom. I'm serious, we don't need another member of the cabal in there. At this point I will take ANY opposition to the terrible trio regardless of party.