Friday, August 05, 2016

What did the RINO elections have in common?

So, as I was pondering the elections today, I had to wonder: what was the common thread?

They lost, of course: they were miserable candidates motivated by their RINO philosophies... read, "democrat."

But what was their common thread?

HHHmmm.... lessee...

Two of them had Jimmy Mains in common:

Who stands out?  Which of these are not supposed to be like the others?

Well, Johnny "RINO" Blom comes to mind.

Jennifer "Moderate Conservative" McDaniel is also there.

And look who else... a who's who of local leftists.

The fake Republicans fit right in there... and the one who beat Madore is the most fake of all.

Right, Johnny?

And that begs the issue:   Why is Jimmy Mains prostituting himself to a couple of Republicans?  Why would his buddies, Hoshino and what's-her-face sell out their leftist cred to support GOP candidates?

It's easy when the candidates in question are fake GOP... think in terms of sleepers... no more Republican than Karl Marx... or Brent Boger, for that matter.

Those who lost and who lacked Jimmy's "skills" did so only because they couldn't afford him.

And that's such a shame.  Imagine how much more money they could have wasted if only they had PAID Jimmy for his time?

Let's see what else these candidates had in common.

Well, Brent Boger supported them.  That's certainly a tell.  Marc "Bogus" Boldt and Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers sent out a mailer that likely killed McDaniel... but hey, with Mains' involvement, who knows?

You see, the entire RINO shtick was who Madore supported and who he didn't support... regardless of whether or not he actually DID support them.

Fair's fair.  When people like Boger, Boldt and Rivers support ANY candidate, rest assured that said candidate is a leftist or RINO who simply doesn't give a damn what you think or want, and who will be of the 3 Stooges, rubber-stamp variety.

Folks, leftist support is a huge indicator that you do not want these people elected. Find out.  Pay attention.  Look BEHIND the curtain.

When it suited them, the RINOs tried to use that concept against conservatives.  They met with little success.

That is the kind of thing that comes with research.  Before you vote, make sure you do yours.

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