Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What democrat said this?

As a representative, he wants to work towards helping the environment, keeping energy rates down, and ensuring public safety, and education for all, as well as focusing on keeping clean, renewable energy a priority.
His name is Brandon Vick.

See, here's the thing: Brandon does not care about the things this district cares about.

It's like  Mussolini Mikey Briggs wrote this garbage.

Like his buddy Mikey, his progressives shtick reeks. 

There's nothing either in his wiki or in any of his bogus mailings that explains his vision.  There's nothing there to explain what he intends to do, what he intends to fix or how he intends to fix it.

Oddly, while Mussolini Mikey is a member of the C3G2 hate group, and has used that site to savage Vick's challenger, John Ley, but Briggs has yet to even mention Vick as near as I can tell.

Why is that?  Given how Mikey is mailing it in and his focus on Ley, it's almost like a deal has been cut.

Meanwhile, Brandon pays zero attention to the issues of importance to the people of this district.

Nothing about our cross-river transportation issues.  Nothing about crime.  Nothing about drugs.  Nothing about guns.  Nothing about law enforcement.  Nothing about unions.  Nothing about pot.

Even in this brief description, he fails in the most fundamental way: he fails to explain the "how" of any of it.

And Brandon's page, which has a narrative 8 and 1/2 lines long, is a snapshot of how worthless he actually is.

He's wasted 2 years "representing" this district.  And it's time for him to go.

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