Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mussolini Mikey briggs loses his mind over on his pet hate site: C3G2.

The balloon of hate fills ever more with the fringe-leftists infesting us at the C3G2 hate site, but it's difficult to find a more delusional hater than our own Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

Briggs is about to get slaughtered.  I'd be stunned if he made it past next Tuesday, but if the GOP runs a rock ape in November, he'll still get destroyed.

Fortunately for those of us who actually live in this district, that will be the end of his nonsensical political aspirations: his delusion; our nightmare.

Briggs wasted hours of his life lying about the CRC and his loot rail fetish.  While perfect for a fringe-leftist nutjob in Portland, his bizarre fixation on arguably THE most hated project in the 18th District psyche shows that he's a clueless idiot and fortunately for us all, he's about to see his political ego crushed.

Which brings me to this stupidity over on the hate site:

Responding to scumbag Johnny Laird, who obviously believes he didn't do enough damage to this community while he was working at the Daily Lie Factory (Is their some reason you haven't moved your dumb ass back to Texas, yet, Cockroach boy?) Mussolini bleated:

That's right up there with me writing
"It is my hope that Mike Briggs and the rest of the neo-communists will fail and not gain any offices.  Than,[sic] with Madore's reelection in 2016, their collective heads will explode.  I hope most of the citizens can see what the fringe-left whack jobs like Briggs have done to us, not to mention the rest of the nation, and they will burn out and become history.
Well, NATURALLY Mussolini doesn't want John to win in the primary.  Even a simple moron like Briggs knows that if Ley wins, it's likely that Briggs' abortive political fantasy will end the night of August 5th.

Of course, he doesn't mention any of that, or that Ley is one of his opponents.  And, of course, it's quite telling that he doesn't say anything about Vick, an utterly worthless waste of space in the legislature who needs to be replaced... but it's almost like Mussolini is acting as Vick's wingman.

But that can't be true can it?

Still, it seems that given how much Briggs has been mailing it in as part of his fake campaign (Mussolini has taken in a grand total of 6 donations over the last MONTH... how hard can he be working it... or is it that the wallets have just figured out how pathetic he really is?) that's he's acting more like Brandon Vick's wingman than he is a serious candidate.

But then, in this day and age, how can ANY democrat... particularly of the fringe-left nutjob variety... be considered serious?

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