Sen. Rivers, Ann, frankly I am surprised at your attitude now. Politics is one thing but this is now a glaring safety problem. You and I both know a bridge should be able to withstand any kind of a collision with any kind of a truck crossing it. This points to the fact that either the design or the bridge itself is (was) not safe. NO ONE builds a bridge that is that fragile. You know this Senator.

This only brings to the surface that our own I-5 bridge is old, is aging, and needs to be replaced. How many wake-up calls do we get Ann? The next time it could be our own bridge here.

Please Ann, you are a sensible and caring person, put your politics on hold and agree to the CRC- so we can begin construction on our bridge.

No, it is not a perfect deal Ann, but it is the deal we have before us now, and all it takes is you or one otber[sic] Senator to hold Safety over Politics. Be that leader Ann.

You and I know one another personally Ann. I really think now is the time you put aside party politics and look toward the general welfare of all the people who use our own I-5 bridge on an every day basis and vote for the project so it can begin the process of a new bridge.

I know Ann this is what I am looking for you to do now. If I were in your shoes...I would do this immediately. You can simply not risk lives over politics.

Please take immediate action to protect us all Sen. Rivers.

Thank you.