Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brancaccio babbles about ANOTHER subject he knows nothing about: honesty.

I freely admit, I will never know Lou Brancaccio personally.  Instead, I know him by his work, and the "work" he allows those working for him to engage in.

That's why I spit coffee up all over my keyboard when the biggest serial liar in our community felt compelled to write about a subject as foreign to him or the rest of those working for him as conversational Sanskrit.

Brancaccio's version of honesty is quite different from the standard variety.  It is, perhaps  the most situational I've ever seen.


I will neither lie, nor cheat, nor steal, nor allow a misleading silence to continue... nor tolerate anyone who does.


I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

By either of these measures, Brancaccio has been an abysmal failure.  He attacks the right like a shark at a meat market.  He lays off the left like they're radioactive.

If you lie the right way to get elected, Lou and the scum working for him will do everything they can to get you re-elected.

If Lou likes you, you can take the exact same positions as a politician he hates, and he'll still say nice things about you in print.

If Lou hates you, then nothing you do well ever meet his approval and he will attack and orchestrate other attacks against you in an effort to injure you individually and those opposing his agenda as a group.  Right, cockroach?.

If Lou has an agenda, there's no lie, exaggeration or distortion he won't engage in to make it happen.

Branccacio's years-long lies in support of the CRC is the stuff of legends.

His 15 month failure to print the story concerning the Oregon Supreme Court decision that lays out the real history of the CRC Scam, and about how the entire project is based on ramming loot rail down our throats is done in ways that would have gained approval from his hero, Josef Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister before and during World War Two.

Goebbels was a "swell" guy: at the end, he poisoned his 6 kids.

Brancaccio has shown a direct inability to come close to understanding the concepts remotely associated with "honesty."

For him to write about the subject?

That makes as much sense as if he were writing about performing brain surgery.

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