Sunday, May 26, 2013

CRC Scammers increasingly desperate: the lies and vicious attacks are flying fast and furious.

Has as already been established, there is no lie, distortion or exaggeration the CRC Scammers won't engage in to get this massive extortion built.

The current lie de jour is a variation on the "we're all going to die if light rail isn't extended into Clark County" meme.

I say "extend light rail into Clark County" as opposed to "replace the paid for, perfectly functional bridge" because even the CRC Scammers are well aware that the ONLY reason for this bridge scam to be built is to ram light rail down our throats.

The safety argument is a lie.  If the bridge was unsafe, we wouldn't be allowed to use it.  Period.

And nothing that has happened to the Skagit bridge changes any of that.

Further, even it was "unsafe," that it no way means that the only solution is to replace it.

When, for example, I have my tires on my car wear out, I don't replace the entire car: I replace the tires.

But that just goes back to the primary element of deception: it isn't about safety.  It isn't about earthquakes.  It isn't about congestion.  It isn't about freight mobility.

It is, as the Oregon State Supreme Court told us, about light rail.

The democrat running the show are foaming at the mouth.  Whack jobs like Mike Briggs are exhibiting cowardly hysteria.  The newspaper continues to lie and continues to try and whip up the Scammers and their supporters by trumpeting the same, old, tired lies, thoroughly disproven and utterly false in an effort to get even one senator to change their minds.

Beancaccio and the pit yorkie have lost their minds over this scam.  They see the end coming, and they're acting like cut cats.  But what they do is recycle the same lies... over and over and over again.

Laird, scum of the lowest order, continues to beat the anti-Benton drum, the anti-Madore drum and the anti-Mieke drum... but like I've been saying all long, none of that is going to make any difference.

Every Scammer from the whiny Mike Briggs, who appears to have lost any grip on reality in his  fringe-left, partisan fugue to uber-Communist Rep. Jim "Molehill" Moeller the slimiest of the slimy, Paul Montague, Identity Clark County scum, who's lies include these beauties:

  • Paul Montague It's amazing that Representative Pike continues to support an untenable position in opposition to replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge because of her emotional opposition to light rail. The Interstate 5 bridge has a similar structure to the bridge that failed in Skagit Valley. The Skagit bridge has a sufficiency rating of 57.4 out of 100. The Southbound span of the Interstate 5 has a sufficiency rating of 51.0 out of 100 and the Northbound span has an even worse rating of 18.5 out of 100. All three spans have an appraisal rating of Functionally Obsolete. The Interstate 5 Bridge over the Columbia River is less safe than the Skagit Valley bridge. Pretty straightforward.

  • Paul Montague Let's be clear, 25% of Clark County voters voted against the sales tax measure in November. That was more than the 19% that voted for the measure, but is in no way close to a majority of voters.

  • Paul Montague @ Connie Jo - Let's be clear about the voting figures. 199,000 of Clark County's 242,000 voters were in the C-TRAN service district and were eligible to vote on the ill advised sales tax measure the board put on the ballot. Of those figures, approximately 60,000 voted against the measure and approximately 46,000 voted for the measure. That means that 30% of those who were eligible to vote, voted against the measure and 23% of those eligible to vote, voted for the measure. And of those 60,000 who voted against the measure, some voted against it because they didn't like light rail, some voted against it because they didn't want a new tax and some voted against it because they believed C-TRAN had other ways to pay for it.

  • Paul Montague Cathy - Two votes. One in 1995 where Clark County voters would've had to pay the entire cost of bringing light rail to Vancouver, and last fall's sales tax vote. The Feds are paying the cost of light rail in the current CRC project. Tolls won't be paying for light rail, they will be paying for the local portion of the rest of the project's cost. AND our parents and grand parents paid the entire cost of both original spans through tolls.
Since the ENTIRETY of this extortion is, in fact, a Christmas tree light rail scam, when Montague, for example lies:  "Tolls won't be paying for light rail," that is but one example of why this rip of should NEVER be built.

When the leading proponents of a project... or a bill... or a position... are flat out liars, then the project should not be built, the bill should not be passed and the position should be abandoned.


Aj Gomez said...

The story is " this is the best solution"? David Evans themselves, in 2003, stated the need for additional crossings in comments on how to fix regions problems!

Anonymous said...

Final Report — Official
General and Special Election — Clark County, Washington — November 06, 2012

Clark County Public Transportation Benefit Area Authority (C-TRAN) Proposition No.1,


Cast Votes:
In the areas of North County and East County not allowed to vote in the 2012 election, the REJECTED vote would have been even stronger.
Clark County voters in the gerrymandered CTRAN district REJECTED the proposition to fund the maintenance and operations of the proposed CRC light rail between Expo Center and Clark College. The proposal also included Bus Rapid Transit, also rejected.

Jack said...

Goddamn Psychotics are really getting Hysterical lately since the Guv Killed the CRC.Enjoy the Psychotic Whining and Wailing.