Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mussolini Mikey Briggs continues to prove he's unfit for elective office.

While not nearly the liar of, say, Bully Loserham's level, Mussolini Mikey IS a liar.  A big one.

Briggs has been one of THE most rabid supporters of the rip off known as the CRC/Loot rail scam.

The problem?

The people of the 18th District have made it clear that we have precisely zero interest in Mussolini's fantasy about light rail.  And Mussolini has made it abundantly clear that he could care less what we want.

His arrogance makes it impossible for him to grasp that his incessant yammering and lies about this system combined with the overwhelming opposition this district has to it means that, in fact, his claim that he will provide "Fair representation for all of our citizens in the 18th District."

And that lie, is, of course, in addition to his many other lies that as a democrat he naturally tells.

There is no way, for example, this fringe-left whack job could ever "fairly" represent anyone to the right of Mao.

And, in addition to lies, Briggs, a frequent poster on the C3G2 hate site stupidly confirms his loot rail fetish thus:

In short, this arrogant putz stupidly believes himself to be the smartest guy in the room (He ain't) and that those of us smart enough to disagree with him are idiots.

In the not too distant past, this same simple idiot kept whining about how, without the CRC Scam being built, no new business would move here:  And here:  And here:  And here:  And in dozens of places here:

Now, Mikey is entitled to his own opinion, no matter how warped and out of touch it may be.  But this district is strongly opposed to the loot rail rip off, and it makes zero sense what-so-ever to elect a clown would could care less what the people of this district think on this or any other subject.

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